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mount of jupiter palm reading

Mount of Jupiter is located beneath our index finger. This mount represents leadership, power, self-confidence, ambition, dignity, charisma, authority and religious inspiration.

If you have an unusually strong and prominent mount of Jupiter, then pride and ambition play a major role in your life. You have a strong temper (especially when it is reddish) and the courage to face life’s challenges and overcome them. You can also be overbearing and domineering in relationships, and insist on making all the decisions for both partners.

This is why it is often found on the palms of people working in military, law enforcement, and other careers that require courage. All the Justices of Supreme courts and many other higher courts have well-developed mount of Jupiter. Those who have this kind of mount may also like to use inhuman methods in order to stay on top. These people are more inclined towards the attainment of good reputation and respect rather than wealth.

A small or deficient mount of Jupiter indicates a quiet and passive person. It also tells that he/she is an introverted person who rarely gets angry with anyone.

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A single vertical line found on this mount means a good sign as it indicates potential for success (see pic B) . But if there are two lines then your ambition is divided in its purposes therefore you will have more difficulties to achieve success. This is also the only mount in our hand where the sign of cross is considered auspicious. A cross (or and a star) on the Jupiter mount means that the owner will lead a happy family life (see pic C). A strong, red line on this mount separating your first and second fingers indicates weakness of the intestines.

line on mount of jupiter cross on mount of jupiter
marks on mount of jupiter triangle on mount of jupiter

When there is many confused lines on this mount it means obstacles get in the way for your aims, while a black spot or dot seen on the mount means ruined position or reputation (pic D). A circle means influential leadership whereas a triangle (pic E) is believed to indicate diplomatic cleverness or success in public life.



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