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The sydney line (or sometimes called sydney crease) is a very long head line that crosses the entire hand to the percussion. This line should not to be confused wih a simian line (when your heart line and head line are conjoined). People with a simian line have much in common with those who have a sydney line. They may be inflexible, commanding, selfish, and have strong personalities.

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Sydney line

In modern medical science both the sydney line and simian crease became known as a ‘minor physical anomaly’. Researchers found that these two lines relate to a set of medical and psychological problems including leukemia, Alzheimer dementia, down’s syndrome, and psychological developmental problems. In palmistry, this line is often described as a very long, or ‘extended’ head line.

A sydney line is often found on the hands of folks with a tough childhood in some way. They possess a certain drive and grit that leaves little room for emotional expression and therefore these people are apt to come across as ‘hard’ or brusque. These people can also be somewhat obsessive, often have trouble relaxing, and not entirely satisfied with what they have. This can result in physical difficulties associated with digestion and sleeping.



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