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line of mars palmistry

Since Mars is the god of war, this line represents courage and strength. Line of Mars is usually found alongside with the Line of Life. It originates either from the initial part of the Line of Life or from the lower region of the Mars and proceed towards the mount of Venus. Its appearance (either long or short) indicates extra strength and protection to the owner’s life. Sometimes such lines run parallel to the Line of Life to its very end. More than one line of Mars can also be found. This line is especially needed when your life line has breaks or other weaknesses.

Line of Mars represents our vital force and offers additional power of resistance to withstand diseases, nervous debility or unexpected shock. A Mars line can also symbolize a true companion and lifelong ally – a good, faithful friend that will help you in times of trouble. But when the line is very broad or too deep with red coloring then it is a sign of great heat, violence and sexual passions.

People who have good Mars lines are usually intelligent and very healthy. Another pattern of Mars line is the ones which do not proceed along the Line of Life but instead it reach your mount of Venus directly. People with such lines are said to be careless in their nature towards everything. These people can also do anything when in rage. And if this Mars line is strong, deep, inset in the palm and is also doubled then the owner is believed to be either a murderer, or a criminal.

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If the line of Mars joins your fate line, you are said to be fortunate, but if it joins your heart line then it makes you emotional. If the line of Mars crosses the person’s sun line or fate line, he or she may face many hurdles and hindrances in life. When a branch seems to shoot off from the line and goes staright to the Luna mount, it foreshadows restlessness and an intense craving for excitement. However, many palmists also believe that Mars line is called the Line of Influence.


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