hand shape in palmistryFingers can be short, long, thin, fat, smooth, or knotty. Long fingers suggest dreamy personality while shorter ones denote physical energy. Knotty knuckles belong to a deep thinker who doesnt like to be rushed and like to do everything at his own pace, whereas fingers that are smooth signify less thought but more speed and action.

Open Hand

When a person's fingers on an open hand held closely together, then this indicates that he or she is a person who tends to be fearful and contracted, lacking in self-confidence and independece. In other words, the wider the spacing between the fingers then the greater the openness, independence, and daring.

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If your fourth finger points outward and is spaced significantly apart from your ring finger means that you are easily get angry and are not to be reckoned with when upset. But when the index finger seems to be spaced farther apart from the rest of your fingers then you have strong leadership potential.

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If your thumb makes an obuse angle with your index finger then you are gentle, down-to-earth, and sweet-tempered person. You can be a good artist and musician. If the thumb make an acute angle with your index finger then you are said to be lazy and spendthrift. You are also considered as an irresponsible person who do not exercise deep and careful thinking but rather would react to physical impulses. If your thumb form a right angle with your index finger then it indicates a more balanced mental attitude towards everything in life.

Finger Settings

When fingers are in line, and the top of the palm is also straight, then it indicates practicality. A sensitive or creative person has fingers arrayed an arc. Many musical and artistic people have their fingers set on a slope running downward from their index fingers to the little fingers.


Turn your hand sideways and look at the outside edge of your hand (the area between your pinkie finger and the wrist). This area is known as the percussion. Those who have a tapered percussion (when it sticks out just below your pinkie and tapers off until it reaches the wrist) has an overly active mind and often have a hard time relaxing. Curved percussion belongs to those who have lots of creative ability while straight percussion (although is very rare) indicates a person who is straightforward and doesnt waste time on artistic pursuits.



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