Rings on Fingers in Palmistry

In palmistry, our hand may also have rings, or the short lines encircling the root of our fingers - and each of these rings has its own meaning.

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Ring of Jupiter

ring of solomon

This ring is found on the mount of Jupiter and therefore it is called the ring of Jupiter (or also known as the ring of Solomon). Those who have this ring are leaders, persons in authority.

Ring of Saturn

ring of saturn palmistry

The line which surrounds the Mount of Saturn in the base of your middle finger. Saturn represents dedication and seriousness, and people who have such ring tend to be ascetic and like loneliness.

Ring of Apollo

ring of apollo in palmistry

This ring is also called the ring of sun, and it indicates regular failure. The ring of sun is believed to be the line that blocks your creativity and those who have this line or ring will face repeated failures in their life.

Ring of Mercury

ring of mercury in palmistry

Like the ring of Apollo, the ring of Mercury is also believed to be a ring that weakens the characteristics of the mount it encircles (in this case, Mercury mount). People who have this ring tend to face many difficulties in the field of education in their youth days. That is why the presence of this ring is not considered good in palmistry. A ring under the Mercury finger is also called as the “widow line”.

Family Ring

family ring palmistry

Just at the point where your thumb joins your hand, there is a crease. If this crease is clear, clean or even chained, then you may live in one house for many many years (possibly for life). If this line is fragmented, you will move around a lot. Ring of Venus, also known as a Family Ring, represents loyalty towards your family. A deep family ring means strong loyalty towards your family while a faint line indicates a weaker family bond. If you have extra family line in your hand (shadowing the main one) then you may own an extra house, recreational vehicle, a caravan, timeshare, or something else that you use or rent out.



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