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Line of Mercury (liver and stomach)

In Palmistry, the line of health is associated with the health of a person – it is an indicator specially of the state of your digestive apparatus, the operation of your liver, and various maladies that can arise from the impairment of important function of these organs. This line is also known as the line of liver, line of Mercury, line of Hepatica, or stomach line. Ideally, this line should not appear at all.

Interestingly, there is no fixed place of its source. The health line can be found extending from the mount of mercury (below your little finger) and down across your palm, to the base of the thumb. This line can also be found joining with the life line. The health line, life line, head line and heart line are considered as the most important lines that can tell whether we can lead a healthy life. All of these lines should be present on our hand without any breaks, islands, chains, and irregularities.

broken health line palmistry

When the health line is deep and free from breaks, this indicates a strong physical constitution and good digestion. The health line, or mercury line usually begins at the line of life and rises toward the Mercury mount, and for those who have this line – not everyone does – he/she may have a problem with gastrointestinal or liver diseases, stomach and intestinal problems due to repressed emotions, nervousness, or physical factors such as intestinal parasites or poor diet. It may also indicate gynecological problems in women. It can also indicates kidney problems and problems with your uterus and ovaries, especially when the line is weak and broken.

An absent line of health usually means that health is not an issue. The apparent and firm line of health is the implication of excellent health of a person. The straighter the line, the better the health of the person. Degree of sickness can be indicated by the strength or weakness of this line. A wavy or broken line (pic A) warns you of potential health problems.

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A square found on the line means protection (such as good medical treatment or a narrow escape) whereas island on the line means a potential need for hospitalization. If the health line is crossed, it is believed that the person tend to be prone to accidents.

health line crossing life line the via lascivia in palmistry

If there is a line branches out from the health line onto the life line it means there may be some sort of life-threatening situation in the old age. According to some palmists, when the mercury line and life line come together, and one is of equal strength to the other, then it will be the date of death, even though the life line should pass this point and appaer to be a much greater length (pic B).

If a triangle is formed by the health, head, and life lines, this is considered very auspicious and the broader the area of this triangle, the greater the person's luck.

A health line that is twisted and uneven is believed to be a sign of liver complains, whereas a heavily marked health line found joining the head and heart line and not found elsewhere is the sign of mental disturbance. If the broken health line crosses your head line, this may indicate a nervuos temperment and a need for stability and quiet in your life. If your health line breaks at your heart line, then romance may also have a serious negative impact. In conjunction with yellowish skin, a weak health line may signal liver disease; together with breaks on your line of heart, it warns of emotional restrictions that can lead you to gastrointestinal distress.

When the line rises from heart line at the mount of mercury and runs into or thruogh the life line, it predicts some weakness of the heart. The pale color and broad lines are the connotation of bad circulation. If it is red in color then it indicates heart trouble. Rheumatic fever or Aamavata Jwara is indicated if your line of health is very red in small spots. And the formation of the health line in straight pieces denotes bad digestion.

The line of health, if compared to all the lines on our hand, is the most subject to change. As we achieve greater health, this mercury line will fade completely away.

The Via Lascivia

Also known as the line of Neptune (pic C), this line is found in very few hands. However, its appearance has become increasingly common in recent years. The line of Via lascivia is usually found parallel to the health line. It originates from the space between the health and life lines, or from the mount of luna. And if it is long, the line ends in the mount of mercury, if it is short it ends on the lower mount of luna.

Formerly thought to indicate excessive interest and overindulgence in sex, but now they believe this line tells about sensitivity to certain foods and other substances. it is also said to indicate allergies and addictions. Substances that this line pinpoints as problematic are drugs - both legal and illegal such as tobacco, alcohol and caffeine.



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