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Mount of Mercury is situated at the base of our fourth or little finger. Being known as the messenger of the gods, this mount rules communication and the objectification of life principles into written and spoken words. It is the mount of commerce, diplomacy, writing, teaching, business, mathematics, and healing. Mercury also governs sagacity and our ability to judge human nature. The mount seems to relate to the brain than anything else.

Those who have a good mount of Mercury is very smart, good in communication skill and have commercial talent as well as scientific ability. This is especially true when accompanied by a long Mercury finger. They are versatile and speedy people with many interests. Actors, salespeople, public speakers, and diplomats almost always possess a strong mount of Mercury. Many of them would also be interested in inventions and scientific works. They may be an expert in psychology and know how to influence others.

Too large a Mercury mount may indicates that you talk too much, and perhaps not always truthfully. On the other hand, a flat Mercury mount can mean the person is very quiet or shy. He or she may also not easily understand what is going on around him/her. The person would have difficulties in communicating with others. Many people with an underdeveloped Mercury mount are not successful in business or science.

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vertical line on mount of mercury

A single vertical line found in the mount of Mercury is considered very auspicious, if the line is deep then it shows great scientific aptitudes (see pic B). On the other hand, horizontal lines seen on the mount is considered bad signs as it indicates anxiety, uncertainty and an inability to cope with difficult situations.


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