Girdle of Venus

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The shape of the Girdle of Venus is quite similar to a crescent moon hanging over our heart line. Sometimes considered as a second heart line, the Girdle of Venus starts between the first and second finger and runs across your Mount of Saturn and Apollo, ending between the third and fourth finger. Found on perhaps 12% of the population, its presence indicates a person who tend to be ultra-sensitive. It also indicates emotional responsiveness, highly-strung, and nervous temperament. The bearer then is said to be easily upset, restless and prone to mood swings.

girdle of venusGirdle of Venus

According to many palmists, the Girdle of Venus is often seen on psychic or a conic hand, or water and fire hands – the more sensitive and highly emotional type of hands. A strong and healthy Girdle of Venus indicates passion within control, it can also means a deep aesthetic sense and love for beauty and art. But when it is broken and poorly defined (see pic below) it tells a person who can be promiscuous, self-indulgent, and moody – but of course you need to examine the entire hand before arriving at such conclusions because other hand characteristics will modify the effects of a poorly formed girdle of Venus.

girdle of venus broken Broken Girdle of Venus

When the Girdle goes over the side of your hand and comes in contact with your Marriage Line, then this can give negative effect to the happiness of your marriage. If the girdle of Venus crosses your Apollo line or fate line, then be careful as there may be a loss of fortune caused by someone you love.



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