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Marriage line (spouse and children)

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In palmistry, your marriage line is a small line located under your pinky. It can be seen at the outer edge of the palm and the line proceeds towards the area under your little finger (this area is also known as the mount of mercury). Dont be surprised if you see more than one marriage line in the palm as this is very common. Although these lines are called as marriage line but these short horizontal lines only indicate important relationships that impress you deeply. These relationships do not necessarily involve marriage, or include sex. The stronger this line, the deeper the potential union. Several light lines found here will indicate romances whereas lines that are clear and strong indicate stronger relationships.

You can estimate when these potential unions might occur - try to measure upward from your line of heart. Midway between the line of heart and the base of your mercury finger is the point that indicates approximately 35 years of age. The length and thickness of the line is also important. A long, thick line tells that the person will be happy and satisfied with his special relationships. A short, thin line may warn of difficulty in relationships.

children line palm reading

Lines that meet your marriage line but dont cross it, mean that children may be born from that relationship (see pic A). If you find a fork at the start of the marriage line, toward the back of your hand then it means a long engagement. But if the fork is found at the end of the line toward your palm (see pic B), it means separation. If the lines are overlapping each other, it is an indication of an affair/s while one is married or having a serious relationship with someone.

When an island is found on the line (pic C) it represents ill health to the partner, or separation from the partner. Separation can also be represented by any break (pic D) or cross in the line. If the marriage line is highly curved towards your heart line as if it is touching it (pic E), then the partner of that person may suffer from health problems which will mar their relationship.

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When a vertical line is found cutting this marriage line then it indicates the end of the relationship in death or divorce. But if the cutting line is weak, it indicates some obstacles for the relationship. A black spot or dot, or a star in the line can also mean the same thing.

forked marriage line palmistry island in marriage line
break in marriage line marriage line touches heart line

The marriage line should not be cut by any line such as the sun line (pic F) or line which starts from Life line (pic G) or line from the middle of the palm as this will cause many problems to the marriage like separation or financial loss. When there is a line coming out from Venus mount with a fork end touching the heart line of the palm (pic H) then this can also cause emotional imbalance which leads to separation of the couple.

marriage line hand reading children line in palmistry
palmistry divorce line marriage line curves up

When 'girdle of Venus' (the line which represents excessive desire for sex, drugs and alcohol) is connected to the line of marriage this can also cause a big problem which ruins the relationship or married life. There will be more than one or two disastruos marriages in the person's life.

People who should not marry

According to palmistry, people with the following lines better not to marry otherwise they will face severe troubles in the married life:



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