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Sun line (popularity and success)

sun line palmistry

The sun line is also known as the apollo line. This line originates from sun mount, below our ring finger and descends downward. The sun line is associated with popularity, without this line the person may live without any name and fame. A strong sun line can compensate for a weak fate line, this is because many palmists believe that although fate line indicates luck or fortune of a person but he/she can be lucky without it if he/she has a deep, straight and uncut, unbroken sun line. It increases the success given by a good fate line.

The sun line is related with the creative talent of any person. it shows a love for all the arts and things of beauty. Many well-known artists, actors, writers and musicians have a strong line of apollo. it is believed that people with the apollo or sun line originates high in their palm are more likely to achieve success. But if this line is erratic and irregular, it indicates success will be inconsistent. Many palmists also believe that this line indicates the possibility of wealth without working. It can also be a sign of deep personal fulfillment.

apollo line in palmistry

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Long apollo lines are rare. Sun line that ends at your head line (see pic A) means you are wise and intelligent, if it ends at your heart line (pic B) means you are generous. Sun line which ends at fate line (pic C) means popularity at that age, but if the line bends toward Saturn is considered bad. Sun line that divides like a fork is considered good while a chained sun line indicates obstacles. A rectangle, or a star found on the sun line is also considered lucky. Gaps, breaks, crosses, dots, islands (pic D) or line that cuts your sun line is also considered as inauspicious as it indicates difficulties, but only during the period where these marks appear.

Three or two sun lines (pic E), when running parallel and evenly together are good as this indicates success in three or two different lines of work. Sun line that descends from the mount of sun and ends at your bracelet line is said to be lucky in gambling or betting. When you ring finger is much longer than your index finger, with the line of sun well marked, the gambling instinctions will be much in evidence. Many successful gamblers for money have these two indications.

success line in palmistry line of apollo palm reading
island and cross on sun line double sun line

People with the line of sun appear to have more influence over others, more magnetism. They more easily secure recognition, riches, reward and honours.



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