Fate Line

Fate line (destiny, luck and fortune)

fate line palmistry

The fate line is also known as the line of destiny. This line begins in the middle of your palm, near the wrist, and runs towards the base of your middle finger. According to palmistry, your fate line determines the luck and fortune in your life.

The fate line should be in thick brown color. The best fate line is the one without breaks and gaps, and it should not be cut by any lines in its course. Also known as the Saturn line, fate line therefore should terminates at the mount of Saturn. Eminent palmists believe that if your fate line is in its finest form, then even if other lines are faulty and weak, you still can attain massive success in life. They also believe that it is better not to have a fate line at all than to have it with breaks or gaps (see pic A). The absence of this line signifies that you can achieve success only through your own efforts but not by luck or destiny.

breaks in fate line

When fate line crosses the head line, the age of the person should be taken as 35 years old and if it reaches the heart line his/her age should be about 55 years old. At the mount of Saturn where this line should ends, the age indicates 75 years old.

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However, if your fate line crosses the mount of Saturn and reaches at the phalange of your finger of Saturn, then this is considered inauspicious (pic B). If the fate line starts clearly and at the wrist, but joins your Life line (pic C), it indicates a point where the person has to surrender his/her own interests to those of other people.

The implications of this line are highly subjective. A man whose job is to clean office but he is happy and satisfied with his work can have a fate line that is long, strong and clear, while a bank president who is frustrated or having lots of pressure with his work can have a broken or weak line.

Islands (pic D) and breaks in the fate line shows periods where the person's life is having troubles and therefore will not flow so smoothly, while a star found at the end of the line is considered auspicious. Branches that moving up from the fate line is considered good while branches that moving down indicates difficulties (pic E). Small lines cutting the fate line can also mean problems or difficulties.

fate line crosses the mount of saturn fate line touching life line
island in fate line branches in fate line

If your fate line is diverting and moving in another direction, this indicates that you decide to take another job or pursue a different career. Zig zag or chained fate line suggest that the person may experience many ups and downs in his/her career. If the fate line splits into two lines like Y shape, it indicates the person may suffer from confusion and contradiction. It can also indicate that the person is riding on two boats at a time.

fate line stops at head line fate line stops at heart line double fate line

When the fate line stops at the head line (pic F), they believe poor judgment was the reason for failure. But if it stops at our heart line (pic G) then your career will stop because of emotional reasons. If the line breaks at the head line but goes on, it indicates that you successfully change your job in the middle years. If your fate line ends in the center of your palm (before touching your head line), then this can indicate struggle in earnings.

Two fate lines in a palm (pic H) is also considered lucky as the other line represents support. People with this kind of palm can pursue multiple carers simultaneously. A line merging with the fate line can also act as support which will strengthen the fate line. If the fate line is only found on your right hand, it means you have the ability to always try to better yourself. But if it is found only in the left hand then it shows aspirations and dreams but little ability to pursue them.



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