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Mount of Apollo (or also known as the mount of Sun) is located at the root of our ring finger. The mount of Apollo/Sun is all about fame and self-expression. It also shows your creativity (especially in the fields of art and music), education and scholarship. In general, this mount indicates how successful that person is, or would be.

Person with well developed mount of Apollo becomes a genius and famous. This is especially true when the Sun mount appears pinkish in color. These people are cheerful, optimistic and like to work in close co-operation with others. People like renowned musicians, famous painters and established artists often have well developed mounts of Apollo.

If the Apollo mount is absent, the owner of this palm may live and die unknown to the world due to his/her very ordinary character and ordinary life. He/she is also said to be a dull-minded, talentless and a boring person. The person also hates to be in the spotlight and is very secretive. These people are also prefer to cling to their group rather than facing the outside world.

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vertical line on mount of apollo circle on mount of apollo

A deep straight vertical line found on the mount of Apollo indicates fame or wealth (see pic B), whereas two vertical lines here means concentration on two different occupations. A circle seen on the Sun mount is considered very auspicious (pic C). If the mount of Apollo is weak, and the head line is also weak, or cut by several minor lines, then it may indicate that the person has weak eyesight.


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