Skin Ridges Patterns

Dermatoglyphics is the study of fingerprints – taken from the Greek words (derma means skin, and glyphe means carve). In animals and humans, dermatoglyphs are present on palms, fingers, toes and soles. In human, skin ridge patterns will form at around 8 – 9 weeks of gestation and their appearance can change due to our age and deteriorating health. Every one of us possess a unique pattern of the skin ridges in our hands and feet.

When you are exhausted or sick, the skin ridge patterns will change but will then repair themselves if you are taking a break and recover, or if your life gets back on track. When you get old, your fingerprints will become muddy. And in the case of blind or partially-sighted people, these ridge patterns can even almost disappear. Alcoholism and drug addiction can also negatively affect the skin ridge patterns on our palms.

In palmistry, your skin ridge patterns can also provide additional important information about yourself. If a person has the same pattern on all his fingers then the attributes signifieid by that pattern will be strongly displayed.

Different Types of Fingerprints

The Arch (Earth element) – about 3% of all fingerprints.

the arch fingerprint pattern
People with this type of fingerprint are usually practical but rigid with a dislike of change. You may have more difficulties to get to know these hardworking people as they are not very expressive, reserved, and like to keep everything to themselves. The arch also suggests that the person may lack confidence especially if the arch is on the thumb or Jupiter finger.

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The Tented Arch (Air element) – about 2% of all fingerprints.

tented arch fingerprint pattern
When the arch is too high, the person may be a little too emotionally sensitive. It is a sign of a heightened degree of enthusiasm and idealism. This print belongs to people who throw themselves into life, and they will give their full attention in everything they do.

The Loop (Water element) – about 70% of all fingerprints

the loop fingerprint pattern
This pattern is by far the most common of all finger prints. The loop belongs to normal people who love variety in life. It represents adaptable, easy going, middle-of-the-road personality. If you have lots of loops in your hand then you get along well with others.

There are two types of loop – radial loop (when they enter your finger from the thumb side) and ulna loop (when they enter from the outer side of your hand). Ulna loops are more common. A radial loop found on Jupiter indicates ledership qualities and bossiness.

There is also a high loop – when it reaches higher up on your fingertip than a regular loop. This loop tells of a person with high intelligence and an optimistic personality.

The Whorl (Fire element) – 25% of all fingerprints.

the whorl fingerprint pattern
Whorls are the second most common fingerprints. This is the sign of the individualist and the specialist. It represents determination, independence and selfishness. People with whorls have a strong will, they are dogmatic in their views and like to spend most of their time in thought. However, a whorl found on one or two fingers indicates talent in the area related to that fingers. A predominance of whorls often indicate a special ability or talent that distinguishes the person from others.

When 'girdle of Venus' (the line which represents excessive desire for sex, drugs and alcohol) is connected to the line of marriage this can also cause a big problem which ruins the relationship or married life. There will be more than one or two disastruos marriages in the person's life.

The Composite

composite or double loop fingerprint
This pattern is also called as the “twinned loop”, “double loop”, or sometimes “double whorl”. It consists of two loops curling around each other representing duality. The bearer often have the ability to see both sides of an issue. However, this person may have difficulties making decisions because both intuition and logic operate at the same time.

The Peacock’s Eye

peacock's eye fingerprint pattern
The peacock’s eye is another form of print where two patterns come together – a whorl surrounded by loops. This fingerprint usually signifies talent. When this mark is seen on the Apollo or Mercury finger, it is considered auspicious. And if it is found on your Jupiter finger then you are believed to have special insights.



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