Four Types of Hands in Palmistry

Throughout history, palmists have developed variuos systems of categorization for human hand types. One popular system classifies our hand into 7 types: Elementary, square, philosophic, spatulate, conic, psychic and mixed. In Chinese Palmistry, there are 5 hand types - Wood, Earth, Metal, Water and Fire. But the simplest type of classification that many people use is the 4 elemental categories used in western astrology – Fire, Water, Earth and Air.

Earth: Square hands with short fingers.
Air: Square hands with long fingers.
Water: Oblong hands with long fingers.
Fire: Oblong hands with short fingers.

Air, Water, Fire and Earth. These relate very well to the descriptions of the Air, Water, Fire and Earth signs of astrology, but it does not necessarily mean that a Scorpion (a Water sign) would have a Water hand. You can find people with all types of hands in every sign of the zodiac.

earth hand types palmistryEarth

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When your palm is square and your fingers end evenly at the top and they are the same length as your palm then such hands are classified as Earth shaped hands. Those who have square or earth hands are blessed with perseverance. They are practical, conservative, reserved, honest, responsible, down-to-earth and reliable. These people enjoy repititive work, hardworking, and are good with their hands. The downside is that they are not usually good with details and can be too stubborn at times. Physical experience may be more important than intellectual pursuits.

water hand types palmistryWater

If you have short oval-shaped palms with long flexible conical fingers, then your hand is considered as Water shaped hand. People with this kind of hand are changeable, emotional, intuitive, sensitive (but can be over sensitive sometimes), caring and impressionable. They are idealistic, highly imaginative and are primarily motivated by feelings. Since they are quite flexible with their ideas, they may be influenced by others. These receptive and artistic people often have trouble coping with stress and they are often happiest when living in a peaceful environment.

fire hand types palmistryFire

Fire hands belong to active and passionate type of people who are full of energy and often make good leaders. A hand with short fingers and an elongated palm fits into the Fire classification. The owner of this palm usually have strong and well-defined lines and the palm is normally red or blotchy. The short fingers mean a dislike for detail. Fire hand types are action oriented, ambitious, enthusiastic and emotional but can be also short-tempered and lack of patience. These people usually need to be busy to be happy.


air hand types palmistry

The Air hand has a square palm and long fingers. This type of hands also tend to have an abundance of clear lines in the palm. Air hand people tend to use logic more than their intuition. Quick-witted, curious and full of ideas, they enjoy communicating and express themselves clearly and therefore many of them are good at working with the public. Air-handed people are considered companiable, easy to get along with, and calm. These people are often drawn to professions like teaching, writing and broadcasting.

Another system is based on the different basic shapes of people's hand, such as conic, square, and spatulate.



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