Mount of Venus

mount of venus palm reading

In palmistry, mount of Venus is the region in the palm which located at the base of our thumb. Surrounded by the Line of Life, this area represents romance, love, sensuality and the physical appearance. Named after the goddess of love, this mount can be a good indicator of how deeply or passionately we love others. This area also indicates our liking for the arts and anithing which hold beauty as a whole.

An ideal mount of Venus should not be too hard, bland or heavily lined. It should be smooth and firm to the touch, it should be higher than other mounts in clevation and slightly pink.

People with well developed mount of Venus are full of energy and always try to make the environment energetic with their presence. These people have a healthy libido and a strong sex drive. They recognize the world properly and enjoy it. They love music and good food. These people are also highly influential with their personalities. If this mount is less prominent, then the person is believed to be lack of courage and weak-natured. The personality tends to be somewhat lymphatic and cold, especially when his life line also cuts through this mount.

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If your mount of Venus is overly puffy, then it may indicate a tendency toward promiscuity and fear of commitment. The exception to this rule is when your line of head and the thumb are both strong and steady; in that case, your passionate nature can be tempered by a sound, moral ability to size up ssexual situations for what they are. You will instead focus your passionate energies into providing a good life of luxury and fulfillment for your perfect mate – also turning your physical passions into material ones with achievable goals behind them.

When the mount is also hard, then the passion can easily spill over into aggression and brutality, especially if the texture of the skin is coarse and the mount is reddish in color. However, people with highly developed mount of Venus are often found suffering from diseases that affect the throat region. If the mount of Venus is fully prominent but his line of head is not balanced then the person may get bad name in love affairs and sex matters.

Do you have a love of all the finer things in life? See whether your home is filled with lots of soft, beautiful and sensual accessories mixed with special works of art, if you do, then take a look at your mount of Venus – you will probably see a predominant mount. You also fond of parties and may celebrate any small occasion with friends or families. Since the Venus mount is associated with beauty, those with prominent mount of Venus is said to have an attractive face.

If the mount of Venus is flat in someone’s hand, then he or she may not interested in any kind of job. The person does not take as much interest as what others love to do. Neither does he or she involve in love affairs nor sexual relationships. It also indicates someone who easily criticizes others, but he/she is not easily taken in by physical beauty.

lines in mount of venusBeing the biggest mount on the palm (takes up approximately one-third of our palm), if you closely look at it, you will see certain fine lines on it. The line of life runs parallel to this mount, but if you see another straight line on this mount this indicates that you will have a lot of emotions and passions. And if there is too many of these lines, it can mean you will have a lot of affairs (flirt) at the same time.

Prominent horizontal lines on this mount are thought to indicate a romantic person with powerful charm over lovers (see pic B). Most often, grilles that appear on mount of Venus (mixed lines, both horizontal and vertical) represent lots of misguided or splintering energy. It tells that the person is passionate about too many things. Grilles warn us that too many passions can lead to stress and an unhealthy intensity in our emotions. We should then balance this energy with calming walks, prayer, or meditation. Many fine lines can also mean the person is easily infuenced by outside forces and he or she may be easy to dupe by partners. A triangle found in this mount means extramarital affairs while crescent moon here means powerful seductive powers.



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