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Located opposite the mount of Venus, just above our wrist – the mount of moon is the home of our subconscious impressions and unconscious drives, imaginations and instincts. Mount of moon (or also known as Luna mount) shares a major portion on the lower side of our hand with the mount of Venus. They are usually separated with the Line of Life. Mount of moon is symbolic of imagination, creativity and intuition. This mount should be broad and lightly rounded in shape.

People with medium-size lunar mounts have a good imagination balanced by reality. People with well developed mount of moon are religious, like to dream and make plans. The stronger and prominent their mount, the greater their imagination and subconscious drives, especially if their line of head also slopes downward toward its center – their intuition is therfore enhanced, along with the potential for creativity (see pic B). The presence of small diagonal lines is also a sign of a heightened degree of intuition.

If you have strong Luna mount on your hand, then you are imaginative, creative and dreamy. It can also reveal a strong desire to nurture and protect others, especially if accompanied by Samaritan lines (a series of short vertical lines on the Mercury mount). And if a large mount of moon is coupled with a prominent mount of Venus, the person is destined for world renown and acclaim.

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However, being dwellers of the imaginary world, these people often have difficulties and get perturbed when facing problems in the real world suddenly. The slightest sarcasm shakes them thoroughly. They try to flee from the adverse conditions, if faced. And frustration will slowly and gradually occupy their minds.

If the mount of Luna appears overly developed then the person may be letting his/her imagination run wild, thus clouding reality. This also make the person lazy and always in a fantasy world. When this mount is underdeveloped, the person tends to be too realistic, dull and unimaginative. The absence of this mount also make them hard-hearted, selfish, cruel, and fully materialistic. Money and power is the chief spirit of their existence. These people also tend to be pessimistic and prefer to be at home. According to palmists, those who have fighting as trait in thier lives have no Luna mount in their hand.

head line touching luna mount triangle on luna mount
horizontal lines on mount of moon cross on mount of moon

A whorl pattern on the Luna mount is a sign that the person may have psychic or mediumistic skills. A triangle found on this mount can also indicate psychic abilities (see pic C). A cross on Luna mount means superstitious and dreamy disposition while horizontal lines (see pic D) indicates voyages and travel.



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