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Life line (birth, health and longevity)

life line palmistry

Your life line is often the first line that is examined by the palmists. Also known as the most important line on your palm, Life Line represents your vitality and the length of your life. This line is also called as the paternal line, and the line begins between your thumb and index finger, and it stretches towards the wrist.

Generally, if this line swoops down to about an inch (2.54 cm) above the base of your palm, it shows a life expectancy of about 60 – 65 years for men and 70 years for women. A break in other lines may not be a very troublesome affair, but a break in this life line can indicate any change that may pertain your career, lifestyle, home and alike.

life line palm readingLife Line is divided into three parts: A represents our youth; B represents adults; and C, represents our old age. If your life line is long and deep, then it represents a long life full of vitality and health, whereas a short and shallow life line can indicate that your life have the tendency to be controlled by others. Thick life line means you are very strong-willed and you usually wont let anyone stand in your way. Faint line means low energy.

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If the life line is broken in your passive hand but is joined and strengthened in your active hand, then it is believed that you will go through some difficult or bad period but will overcome it smoothly with your own conscious efforts. If these lines are broken in both hands then it might represents death.

If you have doubled, or tripled life line then it shows a great vitality in life as well as positive forces around you. You might possibly be a twin or have found a life partner and soul mate, or having someone watching over you.

straight life line life line meaning hand reading lifeline

If the life line is higher (nearer your index finger) this can also means that you are a very ambitious person and have the ability to keep at a task, even when things get tough. If your life line is straight, whether short or long, this indicates you are a person who is highly respected (see pic A) while a curvy line means many obstacles in your life (see pic B). A life line that starts from the base of your palm and goes straight to your finger is a good indication – a confident person who is believed to achieve big things in life (see pic C).

Lines that join up with your head line indicate a careful and cautious person, while if there is a gap between those two lines then you are the person of the opposite, therefore will act bravely and be rather reckless. When there is a little space between your life line and your head line, it represents a high-energy level and an enthusiastic spirit. You are flamboyant and are free to carry out your initiatives. But if there is a wide space between these two lines, then it signifies too much confidence and shows that you are impulsive and hasty.

When it forms a broad arc around Venus mount, it means sensual, warm and emotionally responsive. Hugging close to your thumb, cutting into your mount of Venus: cold, inhibited and unresponsive. But when it moves toward Luna mount, it shows a person who is naturally restless.

Markings on this line indicate significant events, trials, travels and tribulations as well as successes and triumphs. If you see marks on someone’s life line – be they circles, islands, tributary or crosses lines – they spell momentous events that leave their mark on his/her mind and on his/her life. Depending on where they appear, you can predict when such momentous and tumultuous events might occur.

A chained line (see pic D) indicates various health problems, both emotional and physical. Many people with allergies have such a line as well. A donut or circle (see pic E) indicates hospitalization as a result of some sort of accident. But when a square is found on the line, it indicates escape from the death (see pic F). If there is a triangle on the life line, this indicate longevity for that person (see pic G).

chained life line island life line life line hand reading triangle life line

Branched life line – upward branches mean achievement and success whereas downward branches indicate bad emotional and physical health, feelings of sadness and money problems. Lines extending up and above your life line (see pic H) means you have the ability to recover from situations whereas lines that are extending below the line signify habitually wasting energy (see pic I).

palmistry lines meaning palm lines and their meanings palmistry facts palm reading facts

A line rising towards the mount of Jupiter from line of life represents a rise in designation (see pic K). A line rising towards the mount of Mercury brings success for businessmen and scientists (see pic J).



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