Bracelets or Rascette Lines

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The rascette lines or rascettes (or also known as bracelets) are lines that appear on the underside of our wrists. These lines are considered part of the minor lines in palmistry. It is most common to have three or two bracelets. Although many people also have only one bracelet, and having four or more is possible.

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In general, the more rings the better, each of these rings is believed to represent about 30 years in the duration of your life. Four lines is an indication that the owner may live to be close to 100. The more solid and unbroken these lines, the better the chances are for an excellent health. First bracelet pertains to health, second bracelet tells about your wealth and prosperity, while the third and fourth about son and temperament. If there are small, longish islands of the shape of barley in the bracelets the person is usually rich.

If the first bracelet line (nearest to the palm) is clear and well defined, without any breaks, chains, or gaps, it indicates good health. Weak, chained, or broken first rascettes reveal a weak physical condition – in women, this has been linked to gynecological problems; in males, it signals urinary, hormonal, prostate, or reproductive problems. First bracelet high on your wrist and convex also means trouble in reproductive faculties.

If the first bracelet is chained and other bracelets are well formed it means that the person may have difficulties and hard works in his early years but will change to better in his later life. Having chained upper rascette/bracelet is not always a bad sign. Through all the turmoil your life can bring, having the lines suggest that happiness is not out of reach.



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