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heart line palmistry

The upper transverse crease is known in palmistry as the heart line (or also called as love line). This line reveals the quality of your emotions, your capacity for love and affection, as well as your degree of sensitivity. It can also provide us important information regarding our physical condition of the heart and also the strength and type of our sexual desire. Our heart line is the horizontal line above the head line. In general, the deeper and stronger this line, the warmer and stronger our devotion. The more curved this line appears on the palm the more emotionally responsive the subject. Certain markings on the line means specific events which occured in our life.

A lightly marked heart line indicates a sensitive and shy type of a person. A line that is too deep can means a highly stressful life. A deep and straight heart line can mean jealousy and criminal tendencies. A long love line is considered good while a short line means a lack of interest in the affeirs of love and affections, unfriendly and might end up lonely. A darkened or a red heart line shows that the person has a temperamental approach to life, be it hostile and negative, or passionate and positive, while a lighter line tells a colder and more distant emotional state.

breaks in heart line

A high love line that turns upward belongs to those who want lots of reassurance and a spiritual, idealistic approech to matters of the heart. A lower heart lines closer to the head line belongs to those who are less demanding and more giving and supportive.

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If you have two heart line, it means your relationship luck is also doubled and your spouse is very supportive. Ideally, our heart line should be clear and without breaks. Breaks in the heart line (see pic A) spell broken relationships whereas islands or crosses along the line (see pic B) spell tragedies of a broken heart. A line with smaller lines crossing through it can also mean the same thing. If the line grows downwards it means strong conflicts between the head and the heart in relationships. The person is prone to emotional extremes and it is easier for him/her to love humanity rather than to love individuals. His/her relationships may also be short-lived or easily broken (pic C).

An island in the line below your middle finger can suggest hearing problems and there may be a fear of heights, whereas island under your third finger may reflect sight troubles. Four or three vertical lines just above your love line under the Mercury finger can indicate dental troubles. A chained (or crossed) heart line reveals health problems in your coronary systems and a nutritional or mineral deficiency (pic D). A chained heart line can also mean a high degree of sensitivity which can be easily hurt and emotionally affected by others. Happiness in love is represented by small lines that extend upward from our heart line (pic E) whereas lines that are extend downward means disappointment.

islands in heart line heart line in palmistry reading chained heart line

When the heart line curves upward slightly and ends between our Jupiter and Saturn fingers, indicating a balance between our mind and emotions. If the heart line ends under Saturn (pic F), then this indicates that the owner is ruled more by his/her head than the heart in love relationships. The person with this type of heart line has a tendency to be emotionally cut off but still has strong sexual instincts. But when it ends under Jupiter, it indicates idealism; the owners of this type of heart line are ruled more by their heart than by the head in relationships. They are romantic, devoted, and poetic type of lovers.

When your heart line is connected to your head line, this reveals a balance between the intellect and the emotions in relationships. If your heart and head lines are widely separated, this indicates that you are a broad-minded person who like to share feelings with others. You are also very impatient and impulsive, especially if your head and life lines are separated as well. But if the heart line is narrowly separated from the head line, then you tend to be narrow-minded and secretive. You might also have repressed personality, especially if your life and head lines are also joined.

heart line branches heart line ends under middle finger

If the line reaches your index finger, directly moving across the mount of Jupiter then it is a good sign as your spouse will bring lots of luck to you. It is also indicates that you are faithful and honest in relationships. The main snag is that you can be easily influenced by those you trust. However, if the line is too long that it reaches beyond the mount of Jupiter then you may be a very jealous type of a person who will fight for what you believe is yours and will not hesitate to play foul in love. A line that reaches the Jupiter mount but then drops to the head line means bad decision-making when choosing a lover. If your heart line is very short and reaches only your ring finger, you are said to be quite unreliable in love, selfish towards your spouse and can always change your mind when there is someone “better” comes along.

The heart line on our left hands represents how we feel about love and our specific relationships. Our right hand represents how we relate to others, our love experiences and our passion for life and living. An absent heart line is indicative of a person high on logic, who could even be ruthless in order to get what he wants.



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