Six Types of Hand in Palmistry

The Elementary Hand

Strongly realistic, the purely elementary hand only contains a few lines and corresponds roughly to the earth hand described in the previous page. In appearance it is stiff, clumsy and coarse, with large, thick, heavy palm, short fingers and nails. The palm tends to be broad and squarish. And the thumb is stiff, short, and thick, it will not bend backward. The arch and loop types of fingerprints often predominate.

The vast majority of people with this type of hands are male. People with elementary hands are very practical and prefer to see things in a very simple and uncomplicated way. These people dislike change and prefer a stable and predictable work environment. Although they display a lack of enthusiasm and imagination, these conservative people are very hardworking, honest, expressionless, slow to react but strong and tough.

Elementary-handed people love nature and many of them prefer to live and work in the country rather in towns or cities. These people work especially well with plants and animals.

The Square Hand

If you have a square palm, a square wrist and your fingertips are also square, then your hand falls into this category. The nails are normally square and slightly longer than they are wide. Many palmists believe that the square hand corresponds to the air hand of the four elements classification.

This is the hand of the organizer and planner, the owner usually loves order, method and stability. These people are ruled by common sense and they also dont like changes (unless the hand is flexible) and confusion. Square-handed people are often very polite, reserved, thorough, competent and careful with money. They make excellent doctors, bureaucrats and engineers.

The Spatulate Hand

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Like the first two types of hand mentioned above, this hand also falls into the realistic category. Spatulate hands are called so because they are unusually broad at the base of the fingers (and therefore gives the impression of spatula), or sometimes broad at the wrist, with slightly knotted fingers. Other obvious characteristic feature is the large thumb – broad near the base and tapers towards the fingers. Energetic and restless, the best word to describe this hand is action.

Imaginative and inventive, spatulate-handed people are independent, fearless, self-reliant, self-confident, extroverted, tenacious, innovative and curious about new ideas and unusual experiences. Being the most energetic of all, these people always keep on doing things as they have lots of energy to create something. When the texture is also rigid then the level of energy is also increased and this is not always a good sign as the excess energy can make them aggressive, impulsive and inconsistent.

This type of hand often corresponds to the fire hand of the four elements classification - but the fire hand does not necessarily have spatulate fingertips. People with this hand are mainly explorers, inventors, artisans, astronauts, navigators and engineers.

The Conical or Artistic Hand

The conic hand has smooth fingers and the nails are shaped like cones. It is sensual and feminine in appearance. This hand tends to be slightly tapered at the tips of the fingers and at the base of the palm. Usually the skin texture is very fine, denoting sensitivity and a love of beauty.

The conic hand is possessed by people who are emotional, intuitive, artistic, imaginative, supportive, but changeable. The bearer is sensitive to nature, music and art. Generally, the softer your hand the more artistic you are and the harder it is then the lesser the imaginative qualities you have.

These are the people who tend toward the physical pleasures rather than the intellectual side in life. They can also be influenced easily and be irresponsible sometimes. They often begin a project with great enthusiasm but at the end they leave it for other people to complete. When compared to the four elements classification, conic hand is said to correspond to the water hand and this type of hand is very common among women. Rich foods, confortable surroundings, abundant sex, and money are counted among the primary needs of individuals with this type of hand.

The Psychic, or Intuitive Hand

The most beautiful hand among all hand types is known as the psychic hand. In appearane, the psychic hand is long, narrow, and fragile-looking, with smooth, slender, tapering fingers and long, almond-shaped nails. It has a flexible thumb and fingers, and this type of hand is very rare to find.

Like conic hands, people with psychic hands are highly sensitive, they also have a strong interest in beauty. But they are more emotional as well as more inconsistent. Many people with this type of hand also have strong psychic ability. They are blessed with the power of intuition. Motivated by their deepest feelings, psychic-handed people have a visionary and dreamy nature. Many of them are interested in occult sciences.

The Mixed Hand

This type of hand cannot be described particularly like the other five types above as this belongs to many types. The mixed hand often look like one square, one spatulate, one pointed, etc. Therefore it is very hard to explain its shape. It contains characteristics of two/three or more of the previous hand types. Those who have mixed hand is believed to be clever, full of ideas and versatility.

The basic shape of this hand can serve as the foundation of a careful hand analysis. The lines, mounts, and fingers, as well as modifiers such as hand consistency and size, skin ridge patterns, skin texture and flexibility can provide more specific information regarding character analysuis and individual life expression.



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