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Head line in palmistry is considered as the second most important line. In Hindu, this line is called dhan rekha and matri rekha, it deals with our beliefs, our philosophy, our attitude on and how we approach life. This line is a representation of our mentality and intelligence. From this line, it is possible to determine the quantity and quality of brain power. Just as the other two major lines (life line and heart line), the head line appears on the palms of almost every people – its lack is believed to indicate severe mental illness.

The head line, or also called as wisdom line, is located right above the life line (below the heart line) and travels across the palm. A short head line indicates that we prefer working toward physical achievements rather than mental ones. It can also mean lack of intelligence, but when it is too long, he or she tends to outsmart others and cause self-inflicted troubles. Double head lines indicate strong mental abilities. Long line represents ambitious, deep line represents excellent memory whereas an absent line represents laziness or mental imbalance. For those who have a weak head line may be unrealistic, lack of common sense, or indecisive.

straight head line palmistryIf your head line is curvy, or it is short and curved upwards (also known as scatterbrain), you tend to have a very short attention span, with a lack of deep thinking but it does not affect your intellect. A wavy head line can also means that the person is unsteady and unable to be trusted. A fragmented line shows that the person is worrisome and unfocused, he may also have a tendency toward having migraines. A straight head line across your hand indicates that you are an analytical person and logical in nature. The straighter the line, the more realistic the person is. If the line stoops towards the mount of moon means the person is imaginative, perhaps a practitioner of the creative arts such as poetry and painting. However, a deep sharp bent to Moon's mount indicates that the person may have some mental abnormality (usually hyper ness), cruelty or insanity.

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If the head line goes all the way to the edge of your palm (see picture left) then it may indicate that you are ruthless, inflexible, selfish and will put business first and people second. A line that runs straight into the heart line it means that the person allows her feelings to overcome her better judgment. He or she loses self-control and is overcome by passions and emotions.

If your head line is frequently cut by small lines, you may have headaches. If the cutting lines are deep and the head line is thin, you may have brain fever. Lines on both of your palms has to be studied before arriving any conclusion. If the head line is weak on your left palm and deep on your right palm, then it means the strength of your brain has increased but if the left hand is deep and the right hand is thin then the subject's brain has been weakened.

island on head line cross on head line fork on head line

A broken head line can means a distinct change in the way of thingking, while a cross (pic B) or a donut (pic A) through your head line means a mental crisis, head injury or momentous decisions in your life. If there are iron-chain-like creases at the begining of your head line, it indicates that your education will be affected by bad environment. If the line is chained throughout, such persons are mentally weak, sensitive, timid and lack power of concentration. If a star found on your head line, it means a significant mental achievement.

If the head line sweeps down and finishes in the forks (see pic C), then it is an indication of a very smart person. Head line that forks at the end also means that the person’s abilities are twofold – for example, he can be a good writer and accountant at the same time. Forked head line (also called as righteous fork, or lawyer’s fork) also means the ability to look more than one point of view.

chained life line head line and life line separate

Rising branches from the head line is considered good (pic D) while falling branches shows sadness and mental anguish at that point of life. A branch to the heart line indicates that the person is very cold as he is ruled more by his head rather than his heart. If a branch rises from the head line and goes up to the mount of Jupiter (below your index finger) then it means you are ambitious to achieve success or fame in artistic, mental or material pursuits.

If there is a small gap between a person’s life line and head line (pic E) shows that he or she is very active, brave, impulsive and a bit restless. The wider the gap, the more active, impulsive or restless the person is. It can also means that he is very impatient.

The greater difference between the quality of head line between active and passive hand shows the amount of effort that person has made to improve her capabilities and perspective in life.



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