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The Line of Intuition, or also called as the line of Uranus, is a line in the shape of a crescent that begins on our Luna mount and moves in a gentle arc toward our Mercury mount (see pic below), sometimes running parallel to the stomach line. The line of Intuition is a highly positive sign, although it is extremely rare to be found in its perfect form, this line indicates a powerful intuition with strong psychic abilities. Clairvoyants, mediums, and healers often have this kind of line on their palm.

The depth of the line tells the depth to which the owner reaches his/her intuitive self. Naturally, such lines in square hands will not provide the same level of intuition as on psychic hands. If the intuition line cuts the head line, it can damage the power of the brain. An island in the beginning of this line means tendency towards somnambulism (see pic below).

line of intuition in palmistry
Line of Intuition (red)

psychic line on palm
Island on Intuition line

line of escape in palmistry
Line of Escape

Other important factors in the hand which add to psychic or intuitive powers are:

Line of Escape

The Line of Escape is generally located at the base of our thumb, expanding horizontally. It originates within your Line of Life and crossing it and other vertical lines of your lower palm and leading to the heel of your hand (see pic above). It displays your vital forces that escapes from the field of life into the realm of imaginaton. This line tells of an individual who runs away from her/his problems under the garb of imagination.



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