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There are actually two mounts associated with the planet of Mars in palmistry – the mount of upper Mars (situated on the outside area of our palm, beneath our fourth or little finger) and the mount of lower Mars (this area is between our thumb and index finger). The first is associated with our mental characteristics and second with our physical characteristics.

This is the only mount that gets two places in our palm. None other mount has this privilege. By examining these mounts, we can find out whether the primary response of a person to challenging situations is fight or flight. These mounts speak of the desire to survive, to overcome obstacles and difficulties, and to move forward.

People with prominent Mars zone have great energy and good health. They are courageous, fearless and do not fall ill easily because their immune system remains strong. These people shall reach greater heights in life as they are very confident, firm and brave.

The mount of Mars should not be over developed (too large and hard) as the bearer could become a villain or a criminal. He/she might be someone who always use physical force to get what he wants. He or she would possess a rebellious streak, very competitive and quarrelsome by nature. Brutality and violence are major components of its owner’s character.

Upper and Lower Mount of Mars

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The Upper Mount of Mars stands for mental resilience, it also symbolizes perseverance, stability and self-control, while the Lower Mount of Mars represents physical power and it symbolizes aggression, enthusiasm and sportsmanship. Over-developed Upper Mars is uncommon, but for those who have this type of mount then the person would be very possessive, unreasonable, and has an explosive temperament. People who have over-developed Lower Mars have fiery temperament and very aggressive. These people enjoy exercising power over others and they would become inflamed if they do not have power.

If the person only have his upper Mars that is dominant and meaty, the palmists would say that such person can win wars on negotiation tables, but if his Lower mount that is dominant and meaty then he is always ready for physical fight.

When the mount of Mars are small and soft, or underdeveloped then the bearer is the type of a person who can be easily pushed around and may have difficulties standing up for his/her rights. People with no mount of Mars are considered as a coward and escapist.

A star, circle, triange, square, single vertical line, or the trident are considered signs that strengthen the Upper Mount of Mars, whereas the cross-bars, island, cross, grille or dot show defects of the mount. Head line which starts from the Lower Mars would make the owner very arrogant but has good mental power. If the mount of Mars is well developed but the palm is yellowish in color, this indicates that the person has a tendency towards crime and often think against the social activities. If there is a cross on the Lower Mount of Mars, then the bearer may meet his/her death in war or while fighting with others.

Plane of Mars

Some palm readers only address these Lower and Upper mounts, however, other palm readers also include the Plane of Mars in their readings.

The Plane of Mars (also known as the Middle Mars Plane) is located in the center of our palm. If the plain of Mars is thick and noticeable, the owner has a hot temper. But if it is hollow and slight, the person probably doesnt have the ability to carry across his/her ideas to others effectively. If the Plane of Mars has a dip in it, this shows a person who has a calm and patient temperament. You would have a well-balanced temper as well as be able to see things clearly if the plain of Mars is not too thick and also not too slight.


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