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When looking at hands, many people will go straight to the lines. In fact, other aspects of our hand provide important background information such as our energy, character, and strength. Therefore before we look at the lines of the hand, we should take a few moments learning about the hand’s consistency, size, flexibility, as well as the texture of the person’s skin.


The size of your hand is another indication of your character. If you have small hands you tend to act quickly and perhaps impulsively. Those with small hands are generally free, independent-minded thinkers. These ambitious people are always eager to do something but then only to the surface level. They sometimes have a big ego and have trouble relaxing.

By contrast, people with large hands tend to be more methodical and gravitate toward small things. These broad-minded people love details and like to go in depth of every subject they learn. Large hands are often found on mathematicians, computer programmers, watchmakers, and others who are drawn to detail work. Medium is the best size for the hands in palmistry as this is the balance of qualities of small hand and large hand.

The width of a person’s hands also tell his or her personality. Broad hands telling that the person is tolerant, broad-minded, and interested in new concepts and trends. Conversely, narrow handed people tend to have a narrow, restricted way of looking at life (this is accentuated if their hands are also stiff and hard).

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Red hands mean great robustness, active and aggressive but you are also quick-tempered. If some parts of your palm appear reddish then it warns you of problems related with blood pressure. If your palm is deep red in color, then you may suffer from a nerve related disease in your life.

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Yellow or jaundiced hands indicate that you have a pessimistic outlook. Yellowish palm may also indicate that there is less blood in the body, or the person might have a liver related disease.

Pink hands mean you are well-balanced, this is the optimal color for any line in a well-adjusted and healthy person. According to palmists, pink is the best color for our palm as it indicates good health.

Pale white, gray or bluish palm indicate that the blood movement is slow in your body. Black line denotes a trait of a person as grave, distant, haughty and vengeful.


If the skin texture on a person’s hand is soft and delicate, then he or she is a refined and sensitive person. Thin skin is often found on the hands of overly sensitive people but they are ambitious and goal-oriented people. Transparent skin is found on saintly type people. Often those with thick skin are insensitive and stubborn, but they are easygoing and noncompetitive. Course skin is found on the hands of earthy people. Coarse, rough, or scaly skin indicates a person who is more adventuresome and outdoorsy type. Those with a satin, smooth type of skin are believed to be very artistic and often have a love of nature.

Hard hands show no sign of yielding under pressure. These types of hand are mostly found on men, it shows no elasticity and is often coarse in texture. Those who have hard, rigid hands are stubborn and tend to be set in their ways. These people do not like changes and lack of mental flexibility. In addition, they are usually prone to hold in thier energy which may result in sudden outburst of temper and stress-related diseases.

A cold, clammy hand is a sign of poor health and usually belong to a very sensitive and nervous person. Sweaty palm is also belong to nervous type of a person.


The degree of flexibility in our hand indicates the degree of flexibility of our mind and emotion. In short, a flexible mind, a flexible hand, a stiff mind, a stiff hand. Those who have limber hands adjust well to their environment. A very flexible hand shows of a person who is unpredictable and can respond quickly, he or she can act, think, and feel all at once. Such an individual also tends to spend money faster than it is earned. If his thumb can also be bent backwards very easily then the person is generous to an extreme and sometimes can be easily taken advantage of by others. A firm type of hand shows a person who is rigid, he or she is conservative with his feelings and money. People with stiff hands are secretive and often have difficulty sharing their personal problems with others.

A person who gives a good firm grasp while shaking hands, is considered as self-confident, energetic, and generally reliable.

A person who likes to keep his or her hands closed while talking is distrustful in his nature, can seldom be relied on by others and has little self-reliance.

When all the fingers (especially if his fingers are long) are seen always sticking, clinging, as it were, or folding over one another it shows a person who is very doubtful in nature and has a tendency towards thieving and general lack of moral principal.



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