Bagua Mirror

Bagua MirrorOne of the most well-known and commonly used of the feng shui cures for protection and remedies. Feng shui bagua mirror (also called pa kua mirror) is a mirror designed with 8 edges and feng shui trigrams that have special ability for protecting our home against the negative. It is used as an excellent cures against bad energies or unfavorable for the home influences of both external and internal architecture.

A good bagua mirror has octagonal shape with 8 edges and each edge is decorated with one of the eight feng shui trigrams. It has a round mirror in the center. Outside of the trigrams, toward the outer edge of feng shui bagua mirror is a Luoshu diagram (one symbol on each of the octagonal areas). This mirror is designed to catch evil spirits and the trigrams itself will not allow mystical creatures to break out of the magic glass. Other special ability of the bagua mirror is that it has an ability to not only absorb bad energies but also spread it back into the environment, thus not allowing it into the house.

Bagua Trigram

Difference Between Bagua Concave Mirror and Convex Mirror

There are two types of bagua mirror: one mirror is convex (bowed outward) to repel actively harmful energy and the other is concave (hollowed inward) to absorb and nullify passively negative energy.

Some feng shui experts advise people to only use the concave bagua and not convex one in order not to harm or hurt your surroundings. Harming the surrounding of your neighbourhood would bring bad karma and this will affect your personal luck in the future.

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How and Where to Use Bagua Mirror

When placing your bagua mirror, notice that there is trigram for Heaven called Chien (three solid lines) that should be positioned at the top and the trigram for Earth (three broken lines) called Kun goes at the bottom. Bagua mirrors are designed to be hung outdoors and should never be placed inside. Baguas placed indoor can be harmful and even deadly to you. Place them at the ‘points of entry of bad chi’ into your homes such as at the external portion of windows and doors.

Do note also that when used incorrectly, the power of this bagua mirror could be targeted at your own family, causing problems for the home dwellers.

When to Use Bagua Mirrors

Bagua mirror is used when your home has a main door or windows that facing a hospital, cemetry, funeral, firestation, police station, schools, college, university and houses of worship such as temples, churches and mosques. People normally place the bagua on top of their main door to repel evil spirits, harmful people and bad luck.

Bagua for T-intersectionYou can also start to use bagua mirror to diffuse killing chi (also called ‘poison arrow’) when there is a lamp post, tree, straight pole or an oppressing large tall building directly in front of your house. Usually Feng shui experts will also suggest people to use bagua mirrors to remedy the poison arrows coming in from corners of buildings, sharp angles and roof ridges of their neighbours pointing at their front doors.

Living at the end of a t-intersection may cause harm to your health, relationships and finances due to the concentrated flow of chi pointing directly at your house (see picture for illustration: left). There are also other ways to dissipate some of the forceful chi coming from the t-intersection such as adding fencing, walls or strategically planted trees or a fountain.

All the above situation should be cured immediately, if not it may results in accidents, depression, sickness, psychological effects or even death in household.

If you want to use bagua mirror, it is best only when recommended by a professional feng shui master because placing bagua mirror is not always necessary for your front door.

The secret of the protective bagua potency actually lies in the arrangement of Eight Trigrams, Luo River Writing (can simply called Luoshu diagram), small mirror in the center and the 5 elements.



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