Shells in Feng Shui

SeashellsShells have their own place in Chinese culture and history. Conch shells, cowrie shells or seashells are popular and have special meaning in feng shui. They represent a comfortable home and a feeling of contentment. Shells also represent protection, like a shield. Shells are believed to enhance the travel luck as well as to strengthen long distance relationship.

Beside improving relationship luck, shells are useful for attracting overseas business. They are also considered as an excellent symbol for people who wish to have harmonious relationship with the famous and the rich.

Where to Place Feng Shui Shells

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There are many types of shells but all of them represent the earth element in feng shui. You can place them in the south, south-west, west, north-east and north-west of your house. A nice large shell of at least 7-8 inches is more effective when placed at the south sector of your living room to enhance good reputation and name of the occupant. You can also place the shell in the northeast or southwest sectors of your living room to strengthen relationship and education luck.

People like to create a cosy love corner in the south-west of their bedroom by placing two shells filled with semi-precious rubies. In order to enhance the effect, they light two romantic pink candles near the shells and gemstones every evening. A conch shell in the southwest of your bedroom can also improve long distance relationship and create more time for the couple to spend time together. If you cannot find a large shell then you can have a small clusters of seashells to enhance the south sector of your living room or bedroom. Make sure that the conch shell is not too sharp and spiky but small protrusions are acceptable.

You can have a cluster of eight shells in the north-east with yellow or red decorative items. In the west area, you can have seven shells along with some soft toys in your children’s corner. This arrangement is believed can help childless couples to conceive.

To attract blessings from heaven, you can place six shells in the north-west corner along with Chinese or silver coins or other regular coins in each one of them. They can also be placed in the south-east (wealth corner) as they come from water. Placing four of these filled with pearls may help to increase your fortune. Before placing them, make sure you clean them thoroughly with water and salt.

According to some feng shui masters, smooth shells and spiny shells have their own different meaning. Spiny shells project more protection energy while smooth shells are more the energy of comfort, family and home.

Spiny shells on a window can be used as a safeguard symbol for the house, it would call the energy of protection. Smooth shells in the kitchen promote the energy of harmony, family and fun. A water fountain symbolizes money flowing into the house, you can add some shells so that the money is protected and retained. A basket of shells on your table by the front door can be used to represent a stable and prosperous career. Seashells in the guest bathroom brings harmonious energy to visitors.



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