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What is Feng Shui

Bamboo flutes have many religious and symbolic meanings associated with them. In the past, bamboo flutes were used to report peace and good news. Flutes made out of bamboo are believed to be very auspicious items that generate supportive strength and has the special ability to blow away the killing energies or ‘shar chi’ from protruding beams in your house.

According to the bagua aspirations, bamboo flutes can be placed in certain angles to enhance our inspirations. They also can be used to ward off evil spirits and people who are harmful. With its hollow, segmented interior, the flute symbolically lifts house ‘qi’, section by section. Bamboo flutes are mainly used for protection against various form of harm as well as to attract peace, stability and safety into the environment. Many people who wish to relax or like to practice meditation often place these bamboo flutes near them to achieve their goals easier.

How and Where to Place Feng Shui Bamboo Flutes

There are certain techniques to use bamboo flutes in order to correct or improve your house feng shui:

In feng shui, the falling down beams (exposed beams) generate bad qi (or chi). Hanging two bamboo flutes with red tassel on your wall at the end of the falling down beam, this act is to cure the bad qi generated from the falling down beams.

Each of the flutes is tied with red ribbon, this pair of flutes is hung at an angle facing aech other with the mouthpiece at the bottom andd stimulating the top half of the bagua. Hang them with this position on your protruding beams and they will smother the oppressing effect of the beam.

how to place bamboo flutes

The bamboo flutes are used because they can lift the ‘cutting force’ of a beam that goes across your living room, bedroom or office room that will divide the family, spouse, siblings or colleague and thus causing conflicts and quarrels. This ‘cutting force’ can be diffused by hanging a pair of bamboo flutes in the proper position.

bamboo fluteHang them over the front door to seek security. They symbolize swords and normally hung in homes, stores and restaurants to drive away evil spirits and would-be robbers. When played, these flutes strengthen weak home chi and generically boost morale and when shaken, it drives away bad spirits.

To ensure good chi coming into any of our doors is nourished, you can hang a flute on top of your door (inside room). Hang the flute horizontally. This is also very useful for those who has their garage directly links to their kitchen or living room. The bad qi from the car engine could be detrimental to the qi that directly enter the doors to the kitchen or living room. It also provides protection against negative forces.

People also like to hang them next to the cash register to enhance wealth. Hang them 45 degrees angle with the right side higher (mouthpiece always lower).

Bamboo Flutes

Do note also that some feng shui masters do not believe in this bamboo flute effects. They said that the bamboo flutes are a modern-day knick-knack. They believe that the only cure to correct the downward energy of exposed beams is to create a false ceiling.



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