Feng Shui Wealth Pot & Gold Ingot

Wealth PotWealth Pot
Wealth pot depicting treasures overflowing with gold ingots is considered very auspicious to accumulate abundance of wealth in your home or business premises. Many successful shops in Asia are found to have this powerful symbol at their cashiers or reception to attract in lots of fortune and prosperity luck. These items are often placed near Gods of wealth such as Chai Shen Yeh or Tua Peh Kong. You also can display this wonderful energizer of money luck on your desk to attract good fortune and lots of wealth into your office.

To be more effective, make sure the wealth pots must look overflowing. This object is believed to create abundance in wealth as well as to protect your existing wealth from being loss.

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Gold Ingot
Gold IngotGold ingot (‘Yuan Bao’ in Chinese) is an ancient Chinese gold medium for exchanging expensive goods. They are somehow analogous to our nowadays gold bars. These ingots were originated by the emperors in order to have a currency suitable for thier dynasties’ transactions. Gold ingot has been designed by ancient masters of feng shui with a perfect shape to emit wealth chi and trigger happiness. They used to have a shape comparable to a boat that symbolize the richness transportation from one point or person to another.

Gold ingots were owned by high ranking officials, tycoons and emperors only in ancient times. These ingots are highly recommended for your feng shui application to enhance your wealth luck because gold ingots are symbol of wealth and abundance. They are also used by feng shui practitioners to add metal element where necessary to maintain balance and harmony.

Feng shui gold ingots are favorite items by feng shui masters to be included to the wealth vase and wealth ships. They are also often placed at the altar, in front of Wealth Deities like Chai Shen Yeh, Fuk Luk Sau and Tua Peh Kong. The bigger the gold ingots, then the better they are for you. In order to produce double impact, many of the gold ingots are carved with various Chinese character such as ‘fu’ (fortune). The gold ingot symbols are very commonly owned by businessmen and tycoons in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

These objects are also said to create abundance in wealth as well as to protect the existing wealth from being loss.

Where to Place Wealth Pot and Gold Ingots

According to feng shui, there are proper ways for you to place these lucky objects to obtain effective results.



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