Feng Shui Wealth Ship

One of the main prosperity Chinese symbols, the feng shui sailing ship (also called wealth ship) has been said to be the most known wealth symbols after dragon in Chinese culture. These objects can be seen in most Chinese houses and buildings as traditional objects as well as prosperity amulets. Ships or Chinese junks were the main transportation for gold and treasures in 18th to 19th century and this is why ships are taken as a popular symbol for wealth. When Chinese junks return to their home country carrying treasures, jewelleries, gold bars and exclusive cargo, they signify victorious endeavours.

The wealth ship is a famous feng shui wealth enhancer in homes and business pemises of Chinese tycoons in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. According to feng shui, this symbol will attract the wealth luck and prosperity in the long term. People sometimes have more than one wealth ship in order to create “multiple sources of income”.

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The wealth ship must be laden with lots of gold coins and ingots as well as other lucky or auspicious symbols such as precious stones and jewels. It is believed that this wealth ship will not only create abundance in wealth but it also protects our existing wealth from being loss. Besides, the way by which the sails hold the water, air and wind also has great symbolism as well (feng shui itself also means wind and water).

Where to Place Wealth Ship

To give the best results, the feng shui wealth ship should be placed in proper position. When displaying the wealth ship, do not face the ship out (or your wealth will be flown away), it has to be seen sailing into your home from the maindoor.

Place it inside your house or office and next to the main door. if your door is at the southeast or east of the building, your sailing ship should be made of wood in order to create harmony for that area. On the other hand, if your door is at the west or northwest, the sailing ship should be made of metal. And if the door is at the southwest or northeast, a crystal ship should be placed next to it. With these tips, you are not only attracting wealth luck but also creating balance between the main elements.

Other best places to display the wealth ship are in the southeast corner of your family rooms, living rooms, offices or business premises in order to activate and enhance your wealth luck.

Displaying the ship filled with lots of gold ingots or coins (signifying the element of metal) in the Northwest sector can activate our financial support luck for money finding opportunities. According to many feng shui masters, you should not place the wealth ship in the bedrooms, kitchens and toilets. Never display empty ships.

Some feng shui experts also suggest that you should keep your wealth ship from being stagnant to symbolize continual growth. You can do this by adding an extra gem or coin to it once a month. You can add a foreign currency to it as well to attract wealth from around the world. Include also money given to you by someone rich and wealthy.



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