Feng Shui Pagoda

Education Tower

In oriental culture pagodas form an important part, more specifically in Oriental architecture. Pagodas can be seen as part of Japanese, Burmese, Chinese and Nepalese architecture. More specifically pagodas are a part of Buddhism.

Pagoda is a temple of knowledge, peace and silence. It is said that a person who is knowledgeable will stand firm like a mountain or pagoda and cannot be shaken by anything. Pagoda possesses the power to tame unruly minds and behaviors. Because of this, in many Chinese tales you can see that this auspicious symbol was often used to tame the cheeky spirits by imprisoning them inside.

In feng shui, pagoda (also known as the education tower) is used for protection and enhance education luck. It has the capability to ward off negative spirits because pagoda was used to absorb ghost by some Deities such as 3-Eye Military God. Evil spirits can be trapped inside the pagoda for rehabilitation purposes.

Pagoda is also used for people who are preparing for their important examinations. It has the power to keep away anything that could distract our mind. This could also be very useful for our children who get distracted easily or daydream a lot. Other than that, it is also sometimes used to bring fame luck and advancement in career. The most effective type of pagoda used authentically is the 7-tier pagoda.

Wen Chang Pagoda Meaning

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What is Feng Shui

Built at the end of the Ming dynasty, Wenchang pagoda is one of the best architecture in southern Guangxi. “Wen” refers to literature and knowledge, while “Chang” means goodness and prosperity. Therefore the main function of pagoda is to bring success to one’s offspring. Because of this, pagodas such as this were built all over China.

Different levels of Wen Chang Pagoda has its different meanings;

Where to Place Feng Shui Pagoda

Place the Wen Chang Pagoda near the entrance to safe-guard your house. When placed in your shop is believed to guard against losses as well as to protect your business from being badly harmed by your competitors. Place it behind you at work place can prevent backstabbing, giving you influence over the people in your charge and ward off evil politicians in the office. It will also work its magic to improve your career for promotional opportunities.

Pagoda placed next to your bedside or at your study desk is an excellent idea to boost examination luck, develop better concentration and memory and helps you focus on your mental powers. It becomes more powerful when you place it in the Northeast direction (such as in the NE area of your desk or bedroom).

In order to improve your health, you can place the pagoda in your east sector (health sector) of the dining area or living room. You can also place this pagoda by the bed of a sick person in order to speed up recovery.

Place Wen Chang Pagoda in the Northeast area (corner of knowledge and education according to Pakua Life Aspiration Theory) of the bedroom to embellish the occupant’s educational luck.



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