Feng Shui Bells

Sound is a powerful force that can re-energize our home and make it a better place to live. In feng shui, bells are used to remove negative energies, bring harmony and good luck to homes and businesses. The metal tones produced by the bell is believed could bring prosperity,abundance and wealth. The metal melody also wards off harmful forces and evil spirits. Feng shui bells are also created to correct negative effects of traffic sounds, dull noise and harsh noise as well as bring balance into our environment.

Seven Metal Bell

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What is Feng Shui

One of the most popular feng shui bell is the seven metal bell (usually coupled with Puja stick). These two items are used traditionally in many spiritual traditions throughout the East. The Puja stick represents the creative and forceful male energy while the bell represents wisdom and the feminine aspect. During ceremonies and rituals, the stick is held in the right hand while the bell is in your left hand.

feng shui bellsThe seven metal bell is made from an alloy of seven metal and each of the bell is tuned in order to give just the most perfect sound to permeate any of our room and clear unwanted vibrations. Some of the bell is made from gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, lead and zinc, they represent the sun, moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury.

Also called as feng shui space clearing bells, they are often used for space clearing and meditation in feng shui. For best result, use the bell in the mornings before twelve noon. This is done to attract morning chi which tends to be more auspicious and balanced. If you practise space purification with incense burner, then perform the bell cleansing after that.

Before using the bell to do space clearing, it is advised to turn off all electrical appliances such as TV and stereo and leave your front entrance open (or window nearest to the door as alternative). You can start ringing the bell in the room farthest from the entrance, dont forget to ring inside the closet as well as under the bed and if it is a bathroom then open the shower stall and cabinets. Repeat in each room in your house, working toward the entrance.

Door Knob Bells

You may think that your front door is just a door used to welcome your guests entering your home but in feng shui it is the gateway to positive energy and opportunities. It is regarded as one of the most important part of your house.

Feng shui bells for door knob are especially design for attracting good chi and disperse harmful chi that is around or entering our main entrance. Hanging this feng shui bell at the door knobs outside the door will announce prosperity as well as rolling in of good news each time the door is opened. This would ensure bad chi being dissolved at the main chi entry point and allows good chi enters your house. Pair of bells hung this way also attract good fortune chi to enter your room. On the other hand, three feng shui coins are also hung on the inside door knob (inside the building when door is closed) of your home’s or shop’s main door. This symbolizes that prosperity has already entered your home or premises.

To further boost their positive effect, the feng shui bells are sometimes tied with mystic knot (another sacred symbol). To add flavour to them, some people add some beads of genuine hematite and jasper to them.

This ‘bells and coins’ tip is widely used by those wishing to increase sales and fortune luck.




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