Feng Shui Crystals

Science has proven that a natural power called the piezoelectric is possessed in crystals. This means they have the ability to channel, amplify or flow like electricity. All natural crystals and gemstones “vibrate” with their own individual frequency. Natural crystals are also potent energizers for earth element as they contain strong and powerful earth energy. They emanate clear energy and will integrate with human aura, this being its contribution to feng shui.

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What is Feng Shui

You may be attracted to certain crystals because of their form, their color, the feeling they may give you or anything else that make those stones special in your eyes. This is normally associated to your personal element from your Bazi. If you are lacking in certain element, you have a special instinct for that particular color.

Lucky Gemstones Used For Feng Shui

Amethyst has strong energy and this can be easily felt. Amethyst purifies and transmutes all forms of negativity. It provides protection and balance during transition periods. It carries both healing and enhancing properties. It gives a spiritual perspective on life's circumstances. Associated with heart chakra, amethyst can ease a betrayed heart and heal the sense of loss of life and innocence. It increases wisdom and helps you act and think at your highest level.

Ammonite is believed by feng shui experts to be associated to the scales of Qilin, the Chinese mythical beast, because the patterns and colors on it are the same as scales of Qilin. Therefore the stone brings wisdom, riches and illustrious sons. The 7 colors of the stone also signify the 7 chakras of human body. In recent years, experts of feng shui had discovered the 70 million years old ammonite that is believed to be a powerful wealth stone.

Aventurine brings education luck, abundance and prosperity. It is also a suitable energizer to nurture self-potential in studies, sales, doing business and career advancement. It promotes inner growth, self-initiative and personal development. Best for those sitting for examinations.

Put 9 tumbled carnelian crystals in a bowl and placed it in the Northeast corner of your home. This will help you to approach new situations with an ‘open mind’. To help your child or yourself studying, hold a carnelian crystal or a citrine in your hand or place it on the Northeast sector of your desk. When placed by the front door will invoke protection and invite abundance into the home.

A large piece of celestite in a room will heighten vibrations benefitting health and well-being.

Citrine is the wealth stone for feng shui pratitioners. Due to the high demand, it became expensive. After displaying or wearing the citrine, many people claim to receive windfall, upsurge in finance and improved income. Citrine helps heal self-esteem issues and encourages a bright outlook and happiness. On health side, it is said to improve stress-related digestive problems.

Place a large piece of citrine in the Southeast corner of the home. You can place them on a cash box or carry the crystal in your purse or wallet. Since citrine has the ability to bring wealth to its owner, it is also known as the Merchant’s stone.

Clear Quartz
Placing clear quarts in the Career area of the home can aid intuition as well as to encourage the making of the right career decisions. A clear quartz pyramid placed in the South will boost up your recognition and fame, it also improves your promotion prospects and reputation.

Placing Fluorite on a computer can help protect you from harmful emissions.

Black tourmaline and hematite provide strong protective energies. Hematite possesses magnetic effect. This stone is used to enhance logic thinking, rational thinking, mathematic ability and depth of technical knowledge.

Tumbled hematite is often used for its grounding and centering energy as well as for the protective qualities. If your child get overexcited easily and has trouble concentrating or focusing, several pieces of hematite can be placed in his or her room to help with a grounding quality of energy. To benefit from its protective qualities, you can place several tumbled hematites either inside or outside your front door. For example, if there are big pots with plants on both sides of your main door, place the hematites at the base of the plant pot or on top of the soil.

Jade is used to reduce negativity and improve love, courage, wisdom, chastity and justice. It also promotes balance, harmony and tranquility. These stones are exellent for recovery after an unpleasant experience such as minor surgery, funerals, loss of job or divorce. Jade provides peacefulness and endurance when worn. On the medical side, jade strengthens the heart, immune system and the kidneys. It helps to purify blood and encourages a long life.

Placing a jade item in the East is said to bestow long life, wealth, health, generosity and wordly wisdom.

Lapis lazuli
Lapis lazuli intensifies psychic power among the intuitive. It stimulates mental strength and intellectual precision.

Moonstone placed in the Children area of the home is believed to enhance fertility. Women like this stone because it can rejuvenate the hair and skin and reducing water retention. The stone also provides protection for travellers.

Rose Quartz
Feng shui practitioners use rose quartz crystal to heal a broken heart as well as to improve love and romance. It emanates specific frequencies that promote heart healing.

Placing a large piece of selenite in the house will promote a peaceful atmosphere.

Smoky Quartz
Smoky quartz clears and transmutes negative emotions. It stabilizes mood swings and grounds all negative energies. This crystal helps to clarify thought and remove bad dreams. Smoky Quartz also counters burnout, vengeful thoughts and fear of failure, as well as the tendency to over-eat, drink or smoke as a reaction to stress.

Sodalite helps alleviate insomnia caused by overactive mental chatter. The crystal provides mental focus, dispels irrelevant thoughts and maintains logical reasoning with regard to emotional situations. Sodalite also promotes trust and enhances companionship. Its blue color represents the water element.

Tektite is another stone that is very popular and seeked after. It is the stone that is believed to be fallen from the sky and is not a crystal or stone that grow on earth. A tektite is actually a meteorite that falls onto earth and it can be found in Tibet, USA and Australia. The Tibetan tektite is said to be the most powerful. These crystals is believed by some scientists to belong to material found in the moon due to geochemical evidences. Tektite is used to ward off evil spirits and bad luck. The color of the crystal represents the element of water, therefore benefits career luck and wealth.

A beautiful blue turquoise crystal in the Northwest area of the home encourages mentors and universal support.



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