Feng Shui Wu Lou Gourd

Symbol and Meaning

Wu Lou (also called Hu Lu, gourd, calabash or “giver of life”) is one of the most significant tools to enhance and cure feng shui problems. It is the powerful symbol of longevity, health and prosperity. Some deities like Li Tieh Kuai (in 8 Immortals), Mad Monk God (Chi Kung) and Sau Sing Kung (in 3 Lucky Stars Fuk Luk Sau) carry this item with them. The shape of wu lou is also said to symbolize the earth (the bottom half of the bottle) and heaven (the top half) united together.


In ancient times, Chinese use gourds (dried calabash) as medicine, wine or water containers to keep them alive on their journeys. Some Taoist monks and the deities even uses the Wu Lou to absorb bad or harmful evil spirits into it for imprisonment. A natural form of wu lou is believed to be better than from imitations of other materials but wu lou made from crystal or metal can also be highly effective. This auspicious gourd was also commonly used by TCM practitioners to store and carry their traditional medicines.

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What is Feng Shui

In order to activate the wu lou for your feng shui puposes, you need to tie either a red ribbon or red thread around its ‘valley’. Some feng shui masters even paint the natural wu lou in gold color and add special coins to absorb wealth luck.

Where to Place Wu Lou

Display a wu lou (as many as you can afford) in any part of the house to create good health and dissolve negative chi (energy).

Hang two natural wu lous (or made from metal) on both sides of your bed to heal sickness or ailments as well as to rejuvenate the energy of the sick people in order to speed up the recovery. You can can hang or display a wu lou in your bedroom (or by the bed) to prevent any health problems. Hanging it by the bed also help to quiet down the restless child.

Place wu lou on your desk or hang it in your car to absorb any killing chi. It is also a good idea to display the item at where you spend most of your time is.

Sometimes a miniature bottle gourd pendant or charm is worn to ward off pernicious influences, accidents as well as to assure longevity. A vase shaped like a wu lou can often be seen in feng shui to endow a home with certain positive blessings and a long life for its occupants.

According to feng shui experts, if someone’s luck is down, a small black colored wu lou can be worn as a locket to absorb all the negative chi and improve luck. Wearing this wu lou can also help to intensify the personal chi of those who are in conflict with the Grand Duke Jupiter or Tai Sui. Many people like to wear wu lou during their visit to the hospitals or funerals to prevent the negative forces from those places following you home. People also use it to counter the effects of beams in a room.



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