Chinese Coins in Feng Shui

feng shui coinsChinese coins are a great symbol of wealth. They are not only represent abundance but feng shui coins can allow the owner to increase his or her income. By keeping three Chinese coins (or multiples of 3) that are tied together with a red thread or ribbon, you are not only protecting your already existing income but also attracting more money.

Masters of feng shui focus only on Ching dynasty coins since the Ching dynasty is said to be the most powerful dynasty in China, other dynasties usually collapsed in less than a century. The reign of Chien Long or Kang Hsi are deemed most auspicious.

Symbolism and Meaning

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What is Feng Shui

Normally people place these coins in their purse or desk. Bury three coins in a bamboo (you can also use other healthy houseplant) and then place it in your wealth sector to activate growth in the finances. According to feng shui, three coins tied this way symbolize income protection and prosperity. Number three considered lucky and it symbolizes heaven, man and earth united. Number six represents heaven luck while number nine represents the wholeness of the universe and completeness.

chinese lucky coins feng shui lucky coins

The Chinese coin itself is round in shape with a square hole in the center, that is also said as to represent union of heaven and earth (the circle represents the heaven and the square represents the earth). There is a Yang side and Yin side in every Chinese coins, the yang side has 4 Chinese characters according to reign of emperor while the yin side has 2 characters. The yang side should always be used facing up. The material is also important, bronze and brass are recomended while there are some made of resin which will not have similar power.

Where and How to Place Feng Shui Coins

lucky coins feng shuiSmaller sized coins can be tucked into a red feng shui envelope and placed on door frame, mantle, checkbook, in drawer or purse. The best house area to place feng shui coins is the northwest and southeast. The northwest of any space corresponds to the prosperity area of your life (according to the bagua map). Northwest is also a metal corner and if it is being activated with feng shui metal coins, it will improve luck for the partriarch. Placing these metal coins also will increase metal element in your environment. Some people also like to tape this 3-coins in their southeast corner of the bedroom, living room or workdesk to activate the wealth corner. You may also purchase them in bulk and embed them under your floor tiles or carpets (with the yang side on top) and into your walls to create abundance.

Three coins are also hang on the inside doorknob of the shop’s main door. This act is suggested by feng shui masters to symbolize prosperity that has already entered your shop. On the outside doorknob of your shop’s main door, you can hang a pair of bells to attract good fortune chi to enter the room. The bell’s sound symbolically ‘announces’ imminent prosperity and good news. This tip is particularly effective for companies or the establishments engaged in the trading, wholesale or retail business.

Coin Sword

Coin sword is said to be a powerful protection and remedy to ward off evil and disperse shar chi (killing breathe) coming your way. Feng shui masters will usually suggest you to have one in your home or business premise as its presence is auspicious. The coins used are usually Ching dynasty coins and should be made from fine metals such as bronze or brass. According to the masters, the most powerful coin sword has 108 coins tied together. Smaller coin swords are suitable for a humble cubicle or small office space while larger versions are useful for factories, business premises, shops and more authoritive use.

Coin sword is often hang on the wall in the family room or living room, slanting with the tip facing down and towards the windows or entrance. When hung in the northwest corner of your house, it will bring powerful mentor luck and helpful people to support your business or work pursuits. For managers or bosses, hang large coin sword behind you or on either your right or left to counter any gossips and unobedient employees. Do not hang it directly in front of you.

It is also important to know where your coins come from, since the metal coins would also contain energy of the people or place who had them before.



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