Bear and Deer in Chinese Culture

Meaning and Symbolism

Bear in feng shui is used as protection of your house. Representations of bears are best when placed inside your main entrance. Bear symbolizes masculine energies in the world of feng shui. The gallbladders of bears are considered to possess strong Yang properties giving one strength, courage and sexual potency which is why these animals are much prized as a delicacy.

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What is Feng Shui

There is a belief which has survived for a long time; If you keep a bear’s image (the better option would be the crystal figurine of a bear) in the ‘children’ area of the home, your dream of getting a strong healthy baby boy will come true.

Deer in Feng Shui

deer ornamentsKnown for their speed, grace, endurance and long life, deer are graceful, lovely animals that are thought of as symbols of longevity and wealth in Chinese culture. Phonetically, the Chinese word for deer sounds like the Chinese word for “luk” which also means good income and prosperity. It is the emblem of long life because deer is the only animal which can find the “leng tzi”, the fungus of immortality.

Its horns can be used to make medicine and have medicinal values. Being known as wealth enhancers and symbol of longevity, these beautiful creatures represent long-lived wealth and long-term prosperity. Shou Xing Gong (the Chinese God of longevity) is also seen accompanied by a deer to symbolize the trinity blessings of wealth, good fortune and longevity.

China is the first country to use paper money. Banknotes in the form of leather money were used in 118 BC. One-foot square pieces of white deerskin (called as Pai-Lu P'i-pi) edged in vivid colors were exchanged for goods. Perhaps this is also the reason why deers are so important to the Chinese culture.

In feng shui, many experts think of deer as appropriate symbols for the east part of the garden or the east sector of the house where they enhance the health-related properties of the east. As a form of auspicious symbolism, the feng shui deer can also be placed in the wealth sector of your office to enhance business luck, job income and promotion prospect.

People like to place deer figurines in the home to attract a beneficial, comfortable and prosperous life for the family. Displaying deer in a business will signify a company that grow and prosper for many years. Deer that is depicted with court officials is said to signify a wish for recognition, fame and a long, successful career.



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