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What is Feng Shui

Feng shui provides many ways to use crystals but all of them has the same single goal – to create good or beneficial energy in the house. You can use it in order to catch the light and attune the energy in your office, your home or even your car. For those who wish to test the crystal’s energy, the easiest way is to place their hands inside the amethyst cave and soon they will feel the immediate pinching effect.

In feng shui, people use these crystals for specific energy or the vibrations they produce. To get the maximum effect from the crystals, you will need to know where to place the crystals, how many to use and what kind of crystal to choose. If placed wrongly, you will either see no effect or would experience some bad luck. A home adorned with crystals is a home that is benefiting from natural and powerful earth energies.

Where to Place Feng Shui Crystals



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