The eyes are the most revealing part of the face. There is a popular saying “eyes are the window to the soul” and without learning anything about face reading, many people can actually know if a person is happy, sad, exhausted, defeated, or upset by looking into his/her eyes. In Chinese face reading, our eyes indicate our fortunes from age 35 to 40.

Open and Narrow

When your eyes are open wide, you are receptive, expressive, and emotional. If someone is excited, and dying to tell you something, you can guarantee that his/her eyes will open wide. Conversely, if someone narrows his/her eyes, then the person is watchful, calculating, suspicious, and wary. People who habitually narrow their eyes are skeptical and cautious.

Large and Small

Large eyes mean you are very open-minded, friendly, expressive, and intelligent, with endless intellectual curiosity. People with large eyes are usually considered extremely attractive. These warm and romantic people hate boredom and their vivid imagination make them well suited to a creative career.

Small eyes mean you are a perfectionist who is very observant to details and what is happening around you. you are skilled at concentrating on details. However, you also tend to be jealous in relationships and find it difficult to open up emotionally to strangers.

close set eyes meaning wide set eyes in face reading

Wide- and Close-Set Eyes

People with eyes set close together (pic A) have great powers of concentration. When they concentrate, they become much focused, hate to be disturbed and therefore may easily become stressed as a result. These sociable people have a deep interest in details. They tend to be direct and get to the point quickly.

Eyes set wide apart (pic B) belong to people who are broad minded and like far ranging open discussions. These adaptable and flexible people like big subjects including spiritual ideologies, philosophies, and big social issues. They can move from one subject to another very easily and be involved in many different things.

Deep-Set Eyes and Protruding Eyes

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Deep-set eyes (eyes that are deep in sockets) belong to people who have a more mysterious appearance. They are intense, progressive and observant. It takes a longer time to get to know these people as they are reserved, secretive and find it hard to express their innermost feelings. They are very private and reluctant to reveal too much of their personality to others. People with deep set eyes are often late starters, which mean they dont usually find the right partners or careers until they reach thirties.

People who have bulging eyes will not as calm as those with deep set eyes. These energetic and impulsive people love taking part in everything that they hear about. They are exhibitionists who like to say outrageous things for the sake of attention. Ignore them and they will be very offended and hurt – they will hate you for this. Those who have this type of eyes will experience bad luck between the age of 35 to 40.

Upward and Downward Slanting Eyes

Upward slanting eyes (outer corner is higher than the other) belong to an individual who is optimistic, positive, curious and ambitious. These eyes are sometimes called “cat’s eyes”. When it comes to finding new opportunities, these people are several jumps ahead of most people.

If the outer corner is lower than inner corner, then the person is more prone to pessimism and discouragement. Those who have this type of eyes are kind, modest, generous, even-tempered and have a strong desire to help others.

When the outer and inner corners are on the same level, the person has a balanced view of life. He/she is also concerned with fairness and justice. Most people have eyes with corners at the same level.

The Three-White Eye

three whites eyes white below iris eyes stress eyes symptom

Stress can be seen clearly in the eyes. If you can see the whites (the sclera) above and/or below the iris, then this is not a good sign. It’s a sign of stress when this is visible. This is also called as ‘sanpaku’ in Japanese, which means ‘three whites’.

If the white is visible above the iris (pic C), then the person would be feeling nervous, anxious, and overly sensitive. He/she often has a foul temper and is easily annoyed by the slow actions and apparent inefficiency of others.

When you can see the white below the iris (pic D) of someone’s eyes, then the person is overloaded with strain, stress and pressure. In face reading, this is also described as the wolf’s eye. This is also a sign of a shrewd and ruthless person. If you look at photographs of serial killers and many other sociopaths, they have this kind of eye.

It is extremely rare to see white both below and above the iris (pic E). This means that he/she is suffering so much stress that the person is in danger of becoming mentally unbalanced.



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