Understanding the nature of human beings from the lines and shapes of their forehead is called ‘Metoposcopy’ or ‘Forehead reading’. Hair comes in a variety of colors and types. But since many people like to change their hair color, this part is not often read in Chinese face reading – but other aspects of the hair are.

Colors, Types and Meanings

Black hair means strong willed, intense, dominant. This color is a sign of deep and powerful emotions. Gray hair indicates mental maturity, even in someone who has become prematurely gray. Blonde hair means sunny disposition and fun loving people, red hair means dynamic, passionate and fiery, whereas brown hair means family oriented and very warm people.

Soft, silky hair shows of a person who is physically delicate and emotionally sensitive, while coarse hair indicates strong physical drive, stubbornness, and quick recuperative powers.

In traditional Chinese face reading, dry hair is considered as a sign of financial difficulties in the near future. Therefore we should keep our hair as healthy as possible so that it could attract good luck and fortune.

People with curly hair are ambitious, outgoing, energetic, and sociable. In face reading, those who have curly hair were considered shrewd and possess an unusually strong sex drive.

Hair whorl is a pattern hair growing in opposite direction of the rest of the hair. If you have one hair whorl you are aggresive, if you have two hair whorls you are stubborn, and if you have three you dont care of losing your life in a fight!

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Bald Head

In China, it was considered as a sign of exceptional intelligence when someone started losing his hair after the age of fifty – especially if the hair started receding from the forehead. However, it’s not considered a good sign when the balding starts in the back or middle of the head.

A bald head is considered lucky and can be a sign of financial success. Confucius, Lao Tze, and Mencius (the three great Sages of China) were all bald. In America, the average bald man has an IQ of 119 (above the average man’s IQ of 115). And since the sample size was large, this proves statistically that bald men are smarter compared to men with hair.

If the balding starts from both sides of the forehead then it is a sign of open-mindedness and a quick brain (leaving a goodly amount of hair in the center). Interesting enough that hairs sprouted from the ears is also considered a positive sign. This shows that the person has a good brain and is likely to have a long life.

The Hairline

The hairline is the region at the top of your forehead from where your hair on the head starts growing. Hairlines can be difficult to read (people’s hairstyles make their hairlines hard to see) – unless they are clearly defined.

Straight hairline represents logical mind (pic A), but short straight hairline (pic B) tells of a person with anger and irritable nature.

straight hairline face reading hairline shape meaning

People with narrow hairlines (pic C) conform and find it difficult to disagree with others. People with curved hairlines (pic D) are charming, reasonable, reliable, and have a strong desire to do well financially.

narrow and wide hairline curved hairline meaning

The M-shaped hairline (pic E) symbolizes a person who is artistic, strong, creative, and considerate. This type of hairline is found mainly on men. People with a widow’s peak (pic F) are charismatic and possess excellent creative imaginations. This helps them come up with unique solutions to problems.

m-shaped hairline meaning widows peak hairline meaning



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