Eyebrows Reading: Shape and Meanings

eyebrow face readingEyebrows are one of the first things we'll notice when we take up physiognomy. In ancient China, it was considered good sign to have thick, smooth, and long eyebrows that were set well above the eyes. On the other hand, short and thin eyebrows which are set close to the eyes were regarded as inauspicious signs. However, this reveals only a small part of the picture. The eyebrows are related to the lungs and liver.

In Chinese face reading, our eyebrows are also known as the Sibling Palace. This areas denote the relationship between you and your siblings, your sibling’s personality, health situation, as well as the level of support.

The eyebrows represent a person at ages 31 to 34. In Chinese face reading, our eyebrows can be divided into 2 parts – the head and the tail of the eyebrow. The head of our eyebrows represent ages 31 and 32 whereas the tails represent ages 33 and 34. For men, the ages 31 is represented by the head of the left eyebrow, while the head of the right one represents age 32; the age 33 is represented by the left eyebrow tail whereas the right eyebrow tail rules age 34. But for females, the sequence begins with the right eyebrow head.

eyebrow shape meaning

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People with thick eyebrows like details, and they can do several tasks at the same time. These people are very passionate about what they do and they also very generous towards their loved ones. Bushy eyebrows belong to a mentally active person. Full of thoughts and ideas, he/she is a non-stop thinker. People with thin eyebrows are just as intelligent but they prefer do things one at a time. They are also more even tempered but less passionate about their interests.

Eyebrows that extend much beyond the eyes means that the person is said to have many siblings while short eyebrows indicate fewer siblings. If your eyebrows are light and lack hair, it means you dont have any friends or siblings. It can also means that you dont have much energy and can potentially have sickness. If your eyebrows are so light that you cant even see it, it means that the person is cold-hearted.

Eyebrows that point upward belong to those with strong work ethics and will ask the same of others. These people are generally regarded as leadership material.

If the area between your eyebrows, the glabella, is dark it means you are seriously ill or can potentially have bad things happen to you. If your eyebrows are very closed, almost connected, this means you are emotional and more likely to waste time on insignificant problems and live a bitter life. It is best when eyebrows are 2 fingers width apart from each other and 1,5 width apart for girls.

People with high eyebrows are generous and aloof. They need plenty of time to observe and work out ideas completely before acting. They protect themselves with a wait-and-see-approach. On the other hand, people with low-set eyebrows are ambitious but impatient. These people process information quickly and always want to get their job done as fast as possible. Eyebrows that are set too close to the eyes belong to people who are easily annoyed, they are also very impulsive.

high eyebrows
High eyebrows
low eyebrows
Low eyebrows

According to traditional Chinese face reading, the wider the gap between the eyebrows and the eyes, the happier one’s life would be. This is because they believe people with a wide gap between their eyebrows and the eyes are able to ask for, and receive help from others while those with smaller gap seldom receive this sort of help and need to work harder to achieve their goals.

A thin and moon shaped eyebrow indicates that the person is gentle, friendly, open, considerate and well balanced. Straight eyebrows means ambitious, direct, conscientious and business minded. However, the owner of this eyebrows can also appear cold and unaffectionate towards others.

straight eyebrows
Straight eyebrows

People with angled eyebrows are active, impatient and ambitous. They often have good leadership qualities but may have a tendency to slowly lose interest in their hobbies, career and relationships over a period of time.

angled eyebrows
Angled eyebrows

People with downward sloping eyebrows can be quite the opposite of the angled eyebrows. They are responsible and caring. These people work well with others and are usually happiest when surrounded by their loved ones. They also become more attached to their work, hobbies and relationships as time goes on.

If the eyebrow heads touch or are close together, it is considered as a negative sign. Those who have this kind of eyebrows take offense easily and find it hard to forgive others. In many case, people’s life became much easier after they’d plucked their middle hairs. Continuous or uni-brow also means that the thoughts are continuous or restless. If there is a problem, the bearer may have trouble sleeping because he/she cant stop thinking.

continuous or unibrows
Continuous/ unibrows

A chip on the eyebrow means that the person’s sibling have a health problem. If the chip is located on the right eyebrow means the person’s sister is suffering from health issues but when it is located on the left eyebrow then it indicates the brother’s health is threatened.

If there is a mole or green veins on the eyebrow head, this indicates lung problems. But when your eyebrow tail has these two features then be careful with your liver.

When the eyebrow tail is growing longer especially over the age of 40 then the person’s health is good and his/her life expectancy is longer.



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