Cheek Lines

fa ling lines meaningThe cheek lines, or also called as Fa ling lines, purpose lines and laugh lines, are the lines that start at the side of our nose and curve downward to the side of our mouth. In face reading, the shape and direction of these lines can tell a lot about the nature and character of a person. In Chinese, fa lin literally translated as “orders of law”, and these lines will appear if you are following your purpose in life.

Cheek lines are important because people without these lines are considered lazy, incompetent, and worthless. Fortunately, cheek lines can develop as we age and gain experience in life. Responsibilities, hard work, and study are all believed to deepen and extend cheek lines. However, if cheek lines show up before you reach 40 then it means you have had a hard life.

Broad Fa Lin lines (broadly spaced away from your mouth) are one of the best cheek lines in face reading. People with such fa ling lines are capable administrators and are blessed with power and authority. Double cheek line or fa ling lines also means double the amount of authority, power and administration calibre and those who have them are mentally strong and thus rarely affected by the miseries of life.

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cheek lines shape meaningA very long laugh line that curves down to the chin without touching the corners of the mouth (another best type of cheek lines), indicates longevity. But if the lines lead directly into the corners of your mouth (see pic B), this is known as a starved line, the person would have difficulty looking after his personal finances, and also have problems with close relationships. However, if one of these lines leads out of the mouth and downward toward the person’s chin, it means that though he might encounters a disastrous turn, but he will come out of it for the better.

If the cheek lines do not end after entering the person's mouth but continue lower down his/her chin (pic C) then in this case the person concerned is his own worst enemy - he or she may be very blunt as well as harsh and rude and therefore many people will turn against him. Those with such cheek lines also get involved in useless arguments and unnecessary disputes. These people do not keep their own promises and word, and hence cannot be trusted.

laugh lines meaning face reading face reading lines around mouth

Short cheek lines, the lines stop before they reach the mouth (pic D), indicates that it will harder for the person to live past 59 and he should be careful in terms of taking care of his health. However, if the line from the nose is short but the person has good mouth lines then the person could have a better chance at longevity.

People with upward-turned cheek lines (pic F) do not possess good mental and physical health. These people might not be able to handle too much pressure or stress.

smile lines face reading nasolabial fold lines nasolabial folds or smile lines

Dark moles or protrusions on either cheek line (pic E) mean that the person may have a tendency toward extravagant behavior. Cheek lines refer to the age of 55t and 56, and therefore a mole on either line would suggest danger for the person in his/her mid-fifties.

Cheek lines that are deeply creased, joined by lines that are running up to the cheeks from the chin and by lines from the corners of the mouth, are known as mandarin lines (pic G). If you have this feature then you are destined to find yourself in positions of power and capable of shouldering a great deal of responsibility.



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