Ear Reading: Shapes and Meanings

In face reading, your ears are representative of your health and fortunes from age 1 to age 14. Beginning at the top and descending to the lobe, your right ear covers ages eight to fourteen, while the left covers ages zero to seven.

In Chinese face reading, our ears relate to our kidneys. Ears come in various shapes and sizes, and they cannot be interpreted solely from the front. Ears are the only part of your face that continues to grow throughout life – and this is why many old people have extremely large ears. When using face reading take into account someone’s age.


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In China, large ears were considered a sign of vitality and longevity. The Chinese god of longevity, Shou Xing, is always depicted with extremely long ears. People with large ears are lively and energetic. They are prepared to take risks that would frighten those who have smaller ears. If your friend has big ears, then most likely that he or she is a good listener.

large ears meaning small ear meaning

People with small ears are cautious, thoughtful, introverted and quietly ambitious. Average ears indicate normal behavior and reaction regarding risks and fear, while those who have ears that are noticeably different in size may have many challenges or ups and downs in their life.

Shapes and Position

Rounded ears means outgoing, reliable, positive, sociable and imaginative, whereas ears that are squarish on the sides, tops and lobes means that the person will be shrewd, quick thinking, insightful and able to do several things at the same time.

If the top of the ears is pointed (like vulcan ears) then the person is believed to be very secretive, mysterious and good talker. Usually it takes a long time for you to get to know these people very well.

Ears that stick out means the person is independent and doesnt like being told what to do. People with this type of ears are stubborn and do not like to accept too much advice from others. However, these people also tend to attract money.

People with high set ears (ears that are situated higher than the nose tip and the ends of the eyebrows) can receive information faster than others whereas those with low set ears (situated lower than the ends of the eyebrows and the nose tip) have a lower rate of receiving information.

high set ears low set ears tilted ears

Long ears (if the earlobe extends lower than the nose tip while the tip of the ear rises above the eyebrow) can be taken as a mark of genius.

Ears are usually slightly tilted (the top of the ear situated farther back than its bottom part), but if the angle of the tilt is extreme then the owner will be very rigid and tend to control others.

helix conch earlobe in earHelix

People with a rounded helix (the outer rim of the ear) enjoy mental stimulation. They are energetic and enjoy having a good time. People with thin helix are impulsive, enthusiastic and extroverted. If the helix is extremely thin, then the person will be concerned for humanity as a whole.


Earlobes are the lower fleshy portion of the ears. Found at the base of the ear, earlobe can be either separated from the side of the head (indicates independent) or attached to the side of the head. Ears with detached earlobes from the head indicates free spirit and generosity. Contrarian to these qualities can be shown by earlobes closed to the head.

Long earlobes are indicators of a long and healthy life. It can also mean that the person is gifted with a great sense of understanding and judgment. People with thick earlobes have a large group of friends. These people are hardworking and their wealth usually keeps on increasing as thick earlobes are indicators of surplus wealth. Women with such earlobes are lucky for their husbands as they bring plenty of fortunes to their husbands.

Buddha had extremely large ear lobes – and that is considered as a sign of his spiritual development and elevated status. So if you have long and big earlobes, it’s extremely good luck. You know how to enjoy life and everything comes very easily to you. When you are in trouble, there’s always a person there to help.



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