Birthmarks and Reincarnation

birthmark and past lifeMany people believe birthmarks are related to a past life.

Dr. Ian Stevenson (1918 – 2007), a Canadian American psychiatrist who became known internationally for his research into reincarnation. He was a founder and director of the university’s Division of Perceptual Studies who believed that not only emotions, talents, phobias and memories, but physical injuries in the form of birthmarks can also be transfered from one life to another.

He traveled extensively over a period of 40 years investigating as many as 3,000 cases of children all over the world who recalled having past lives. His research presented evidence that such children had unusual abilities, phobias, philias and illnesses which could not be explained by the environment or heredity.

About 35% of children who claim to remember their previous lives have birthmarks or/and birth defects that they attribute to wounds on a person whose life that child remembers.

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Birthmarks and Reincarnation
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The birth defect or birthmark of a child was believed to correspond to a wound (usually fatal) on the deceased person whose life that child said it remembered.

The late Dr. Ian Stevenson, whose work Dr. Jim Tucker continues investigated more than 210 cases of children with defects or birthmarks that related to memories they retained from past lives.

In one case, he studied a young Indian boy who had many birthmarks on his chest and then claimed to remember the life of a man named Mahha Ram. When the identity of Maha Ram was uncovered, they found that he had died from close range shots in his chest.

A man from Thailand claimed that when he was a little boy he had distinct memories of his past life – as his own paternal uncle. There is a large scar-like birthmark on the back of this man’s head. Surprisingly, his uncle also died from a severe knife wound to that very part of his head.

Similar case with the story of a boy from Turkey who has a malformed right ear. He remembered having been shot, killed at close range on that side of his head.

A Burmese girl without the lower right leg remembered the life of a girl who had been run over by a train. According to the eyewitnesses, the train severed her right leg first before running over the trunk.

Another one was also an Indian boy who has no fingers in his right hand. The boy remembered another life in which he was a young kid who had his fingers amputated after sticking them in a fodder chopping machine.

An old woman from Thailand told her family that she wished to be reincarnated as a male. When this old woman died, her daughter dipped her finger in white paste and then marked the back of her mum’s neck with a vertical line. Surprisingly, the daughter gave birth to a baby boy with a birthmark identical to the vertical line she’d painted on to her mum’s neck. Not only that, when this boy got older he developed the habit of claiming possession of items that actually belonged to his grandmother as if they were his own.

In certain cultures, people mark the deceased with paste or soot so that they can recognize them after they are reborn.



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