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chinese nose reading tip and shapesIn Chinese face reading, our nose is regarded as the money spot (especially during the ages between 41 – 50) and therefore the wealth potential of a person can be seen in her or his nose. Nose is considered as a yin spot because it signifies one of the rivers of our face. The bridge of our nose represents health whereas the tip represents wealth. For women, their nose can indicate her husband's ability to make money.

The rounder and fleshier our noses look, the greater the luck of our wealth. Not only that, the nostrils should not be visible from the front view at eye level. Traditionally, our nostrils are examined by most face readers to determine how we spend our money (or energy). It is believed that the more visible the person’s nostrils, the more wealth leaks out. In other words, a person with visible nostrils may have a harder time saving money. People with small nostrils are careful with money matters, they dont buy things unless they really, really need it. Nostrils should not be too large nor too small.

Your left alar signifies your life at age 49 while your right one signifies your life at 50. This is why defects in noses can suggests problems during the corresponding times in your lives.

Nose that curves to the right can indicate the person's mother dies first. If the nose curves to the left, it can mean his or her father will die first.

People with a straight nose (pic A) are honest, reliable, disciplined, loyal and often appear successful. People with a broad nose (nose that appears wide and often flat when looked at from the front) are extravagant, spontaneous, sensual, competent and sometimes indecisive. They are sociable people who have a wide range of hobbies and interests.

straight nose meaning cleft nose tip meaning type of noses and their meanings

A high nose can also mean a high self esteem while a low nose indicates a low self esteem. A mole on the tip of a person’s nose is considered bad luck for money and therefore the person is advised not to gamble. Other negative nasal feature includes a hump over your nasal dorsum – this indicates a poorer health.

A round nose tip (when observed from a front view) can also mean that the person is nosy and like to know about everything that is going on. What’s pretty funny is that the word nosy itself is actually related to the nose which shows that the word may have had a face-reading origin.

People with a cleft nose tip (see pic B) have difficulty to commit to long term relationships. The cleft can be either horizontal on the sides of the nose tip, or vertical on the middle of the nose tip. People with cleft on their nose are dishonest and possess extremely selfish natures. Many people with this nose also have some sexual perversions. A person may not have all these three dents, but any one of these found on the nose will indicate the same thing as mentioned above.

One or two permanent horizontal folds or lines at the beginning of the nose bridge (see pic C) indicates someone who is tough, demanding and is not very easy to please.

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Big and Small Noses: People with big noses like to be their own bosses and therefore they hate receiving orders. These people hate doing small tasks and easily get bored from systematic and repetitive work. Large-nosed people have high energy levels but they are more materially concerned than spiritual. Oversized nose tip can also result in violent tendencies – the larger it is, the more prone to an act of violence. Small-nosed people are said to be kind, helpful and detail oriented but they also can be reserved and shy.

mole on the tip of the nose eagle nose meaning round nose tip - big nose meaning

Eagle nose: the hooked nose or nose that looks like the eagle’s hook if seen from the side view (see pic above). People with this type of nose often look for any chance to take advantage of other people and only think about themselves. However, when they reach the age between 41 – 50, they may find obstructions to their money path. To get along with an eagle-nosed person make sure that you respect and make him feel important.

The helper’s nose: if someone’s nose is concave (when seen from the side view) with a round tip, then he or she has a helper’s nose. People who have this type of nose have a natural tendency to help others. They may join charity groups for the satisfaction they feel when they do these kinds of activities. However, they are often taken advantage of by many of their friends.

down-turned nose shape roman nose shape and meaning

Downturned Nose (pic D) belongs to people who are shrewd. If the tip of this nose turns downward to partially cover the philtrum then the innate shrewdness of the owner will extend to financial matters. The person will be careful with his/her money and manages his/her investments well.

Long and Short Nose: Someone with a long nose is considered ambitious, forthright, stubborn, and has good common sense. If your nose is short then you are loyal, hardworking and sympathetic. In China, short-nosed people are said to have ups and downs in fortune.

Roman Nose: If you have a high bridge or bump on the top of your nose (this type of nose is called the Roman nose, see pic E) then you are someone who like to control and be in charge. You are also very good at managing your money.

If the horizontal line at the botton of someone’s nose is pointing upwards, it may indicates that the person trusts easily (small kids commonly have this type of nose). Therefore people with this kind of nose often be the victim of scams. But if the bottom of his nose is pointing downwards then the person is very skeptical and hardly believe in anything unless he experiences it himself. When the nose profile is horizontal then the person has a balanced approach when hearing about something new, he is neither a skeptic nor a person who easily believes in anything.



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