Mouth Reading: Shape and Meanings

chinese mouth reading, shapes and meaningsThe mouth is the most sensual feature on our face. Irrespective of its size, our mouth (which is regarded as the second river on our face) should never appear dry, because this would indicate a lack of water in the river, thus in Chinese face reading it also indicates a drying up of luck. As long as our mouth is kept moist, it indicates money luck.

The mouth plays an important part in face reading. Mouths vary in size, it can be small, large, or medium. A big mouth often means bad relationship with the parents. Perhaps this is because people with big mouth tends to be very talkative and like to talk back, but they are also independent and daring, whereas a dainty mouth (smaller mouth) tend to be more supportive and humble.

People who have narrow mouths are ruled by their head, whereas people with wide mouths are ruled by their heart.

Lips which are full, round and even (pic B) are one of the best type as it means the person is caring and sensitive. The lower and upper lips in equal distributon reveal a well meaning and communicative personality.

thin lips meaning full lips meaning upturned mouth meaning

The thicker the lips, the more passionate the person is. A thin lipped people (pic A) are said to be very cautious, reserved, and not an adventure-lover. They are determined, persistent, decisive and not easily fooled by flattery. These people dislike being teased and made fun of. Thin lips are also associated with being more serious, hard working and responsible. However, people with extremely thin lips are emotionally cold, they are also hard on others, even themselves.

Our upper lips represents ‘feminine’ side while the lower lip represents the ‘masculine’ side. In other words, a man’s upper lip can show how sensual he is and his ability to love whereas his lower lip tells about how much he needs to be loved.

Lips that have strong beautiful curvy shape across the top of his/her upper lip along with a pronounced philtrum suggest greater vitality. A strong natural red color in someone's lips indicates a more fiery condition where this person may be excited, aroused or feel stimulated quickly.

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People with upturned lips (see pic C) are considered optimistic, they are sociable and take each day with a smile. People with downturned lips (pic D) are often pessimistic, very shy and tend to remain by themselves. However, you can count on them to tell the truth.

downturned mouth meaning protruding upper lip protruding lower lip

People with protruding lips are sincere and honest, they possess great integrity. If the upper lip is protruding (pic E) the person is understanding and kind. These people dislike confrontation and find it hard to stand up for themselves. If the lower lip is protruding (pic F), he/she is impetuous, tenacious and determined. People with lower protruding lip can fight for what they want.

Ideal lips should look healthy – reddish and moist, and feels soft and supple. If the color of your lips turns dark red and becomes dry, you need to be careful as it is a symptom that denotes ‘feverish’ or ‘hot’ condition. In this case, try to avoid foods that are ‘cold’ like watermelon, iced drinks, etc.

Pale lips with exceedingly white teeth is a sign of low blood pressure symptom – it means the red blood cells of the body and its composition are ‘cold’.

If the proportion of a person's mouth and the nose looks significantly uneven (example: large mouth with a small nose), this may indicates problems with his or her digestive system.



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