Forehead Shape and Meanings

In Chinese face reading, your forehead contains information about your life between the age of 15 to 30. Wisdom is judged by the shape of the forehead.

Generally, a broad forehead (wide and high) is preferable. People with a broad forehead enjoy being in charge. Talented and open minded, these people are born to organize and lead others. They enjoy thinking, observing and coming up with their new conclusions. Its been observed that most successful business people, celebrities, royalty, and kings fave full foreheads.

prominent forehead face readingCurved Out, or Prominent Forehead

When a forehead is prominent when looking sideways (pic A), the person has plenty of energy. He/she also enjoys thinking, imagining, analyzing, and coming up with good ideas. Creative and intelligent, those who have prominent foreheads are believed to have good luck on wealth for their whole life. Albert Einstein is a good example of someone who have a prominent forehead.

Square Forehead

This is arguably the best shape our forehead can have in terms of luck. A person with this type of forehead is well organized, intelligent and reliable. (Pic B).

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square forehead meaning

Rounded Forehead

Rounded forehead indicates someone with a peaceful and friendly nature. These good daydreamers are very inventive but they also get bored easily. They are also very independent and brave, and they will not hesitate to point out other people’s faults. (Pic C).

rounded forehead meaning

Tapered Forehead

This type of forehead belongs to a very adventurous person. Although they can be very impulsive and careless, those who have tapered forehead are willingly to take risks and explore changes. (Pic D).

tapered forehead meaning

Slopped Forehead

Adventurous, and self-willed, the owners of this forehead are fast thinkers and they dont really care the consequence when they decide to do something. These people get bored easily and they often handle many tasks at the same time. However, these quick decision makers often made many mistakes throughout their lives but many of them also become extremely successful.

slanted or sloped forehead

Vertical Lines on Forehead

When a single vertical crease is seen between the eyebrows, then the person is very stubborn and persistent. Although selfish, egotistical, and not very romantic, people with one frown line would not give up in order to achieve their goal.

one frown line meaning

People with two frown lines on the forehead are understanding, caring, empathethic, and sympathetic people who get on well with virtually everyone. Two vertical lines also represent a person who can see others’ point of view. People with angled frown lines tend to overreact and lose their tempers quickly.

vertical lines on forehead
Two Frown Lines
forehead lines face reading
Angled Frown Lines

People with many vertical lines between their eyebrows tend to become a perfectionist. These hard working and persistent people like to examine everything carefully before deciding what to do.



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