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The Chinese zodiac compatibility can be applied to the relationship between husband and wife, lovers, parents and their children, brothers and sisters, friends and business partners.

Rat and Rat

Putting two Rat together could be a double disaster or a double pleasure. When two critical nitpickers are paired, probably they will constantly pick on each other. The relationship is passionate at the beginning, but gradually there will be some friendly competition between both of them, and that might bring out their argumentative personalities. But then you dont have to worry, it is a double pleasure most of the time for this happy couple. By putting their intelligent heads together, they know how to make things happen. They dont get wrapped up in mundane, everyday issues. Both see their partner as their best friend and dear lover, each of them doesnt like loneliness and will try to work out any obstacle in order to make the relationship work. The male is more combative and the female is more critical, so these two can make a great team.

Rat and Ox

This will be a good relationship, although both of them share little in common. The Ox and the Rat share mutual love and understanding. The Ox will be attracted by the intelligent and outspoken Rat, and the Rat will admire the Ox as a devoted partner. They will be very compassionate and sympathetic toward each other. The aggressive Rat doesnt seem to mind the slow pace of the diligent and serious Ox. The Ox will bring stability to their relationship while the bright Rat is good at managing resources. The Rat may become bored with the monotonous routine of the Ox, or the Ox may get frustrated by the Rat’s risky adventures and nervous energy. If both partners take care, this wont happen. They both love their family and will do anything for their loved ones. They can be compatible not only as lovers but also as partners.

Rat and Tiger

This may not be the greatest match. It will be love at the first sight, the Rat finds the Tiger’s high energy to be scintillating and the Tiger is attracted to the Rat’s charm and the ability to articulate. But this could be the same reason why their sweet relationship may begin to fade out as the Rat might find the Tiger to be too evnergetic to live peacefully with and the Tiger may begin to feel that the Rat is too cunning. Both possess stubborn and quick tempers personalities and both are too proud to compromise. Tension will arise from the Tiger and the Rat competing for the limelight. Nevertheless, there is still hope for this relationship as long as both make efforts to endure by comunicating and learning to agree on their differences.

Rat and Rabbit

This relationship may not work too well. There is no special attraction or major conflict between the Rabbit and the Rat. The Rat can be overcontrolling while the Rabbit is oversensitive. Both have high expectations of each other and that can cause more problems. The Rabbit is sweet and introverted while the Rat is extroverted and brazen. The Rabbit prefers harmony and peace and might find the Rat to be interested in too much action. Both of them crave for comfort and security in relationships and this is where the Rat and Rabbit may find a common ground to be friends with. Once they are joined, it will be difficult to separate this pair as both love their families very much, they just view life on different angles. In fact, these two sometimes make better business partners than lovers.

Rat and Dragon

This is one of the best combination and match for both marriage and partnerships. The Dragon will admire the Rat’s intelligence and the Rat will welcome the Dragon’s dominance. The Rat is an insecure person from the inside while the Dragon is a very secure person, and that is what brings them together. Both aggressive and talented, as lovers they will be electrifying. They can work hand in hand to make things happen as both are self-confident. Even their arguments will be very interesting and free of permanent damage. Their mutual support and admiration brings out the best in them.

Rat and Snake

The Snake and the Rat can forge an interesting relationship together. The Rat is a very sociable personality, the Snake is a very reflective person. And of course both are blessed with a very clever mind and they also have a keen sense for opportunities. However, the Snake likes to relax in between pursuits while the Rat is not one for relaxing. When it comes to relationships the Rat needs commitment immediately and the Snake is not a hurrying type when comes to committing to a relationship. These two approach life in a very different ways. While the Snake and the Rat have many differences to overcome, they do make a good couple in the end. As lovers they will be very dynamic.

Rat and Horse

Probably one of the worst couples in the Chinese zodiac. Being six years apart from the Horse, the Rat happens to be conflicted opposite of the Horse. It goes without saying that the Rat and the Horse are not only incompatible, but these two better stay away from each other. The Rat is ambitious and practical while the Horse is too easily disorganised and easily distracted. The Rat wants to be, affectionate and friendly but the Horse loves independence and believe too much love is a sign of clinginess. Rat can be nit-picking and Horse is moody, you will definitely know what will happen.

Rat and Sheep

The Sheep and the Rat can get along just fine. At times the peaceful Sheep may find the aggressive and restless Rat annoying. At the same time, the Rat will find the laid-back Sheep lazy. Their relationship appears calm at the first glance, but underneath the surface, there is cold war going on. Nevertheless, their physical attraction is strong, there might be a chance for this relationship if two of them learn how to open up more and talk about ther differences.

Rat and Monkey

These two are highly compatible. The Rat and Monkey bound to have fun and laughter together. Both are sociable party animals and has much in common. They admire each other for their creativity and intelligence and share the same attitudes and values. This relationship can be emotional at times but there will be no dull moments when they are together. They both have many friends to hang out with, they are likely to be dining out a lot. The Rat should learn to accept the Monkey’s dominance, this would be intriguing, lasting and one of the best relationships.

Rat and Rooster

When the Rat and Rooster first meet, they will see sparks and fireworks, but as the steam fades slowly, they will see each other more clearly and disagreements soon arise. The combination of these two noisy creatures will result so much quarrelling. Rat is nitpicker and likes to nag and nag and nag while Rooster loves debate and will argue even over meaningless objects. The Rooster can be extremely critical of the Rat, and the fussy Rat will get even with the Rooster by making him/her jealous. In this combination, the Rooster and the Rat will find themselves in constant debate over leadership. Eventually, they will take a lot of efforts to keep the relationship alive.

Rat and Dog

The Rat is a very self-doubting, self-centered person. The Dog is a very loyal and devoted person. In this relationship, the Rat will be supported by the Dog which will appeal to the Rat’s insecure side. The Rat is a very cautious person and the Dog is a very anxious person and this is another place where these two may find a match. On the other side, the Dog may find the Rat does not appreciate its loyalty and the Rat might distrust the Dog’s affectionate intentions. Mutual respect for each other and there will be no large differences or struggles for dominance.

Rat and Boar

The Pig and the Rat love the material comforts, socializing and having fun. However, the Rat is a very frugal person whereas the Pig loves to spend and spend and spend. You will always find the Rat pointing out to Pig’s expensive ways and the Pig will try to brush the critisms aside and then find a way to resolve tension. Rat is hard working and likes the success it brings but the Pig also need some financial freedom and tends not to work as hard. As long as this is understood, they can work with it. The Rat might get irritated by the innocence and careless nature of the Pig but the Pig wins over the Rat’s confidence with devotion and care. Moderately happy relations and will be compatible to a good extend.


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