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The Chinese zodiac animals compatibility can be applied to the relationship between husband and wife, parents and their children, lovers, brothers and sisters, friends and business partners.

Sheep and Rat

Will not relate too well with each other. Have little in common but no major conflicts. Their two personalities are very different and they need to put more good effort to make this relationship a happy one. These two may get along very well at home but when they are outside they tend to do completely different type of things. The Sheep loves quiet, peaceful place while the Rat likes nightclubs and dancing. Rat may find the quiet lifestyle that Sheep prefers boring while the Sheep might get frustrated with the the Rat’s active energy and need for activity. The Rat is stingy and cunning and acts very fast to grab opportunities while Sheep does not like to be pushed around and has a very laid back style.

Sheep and Ox

Cannot cooperate or work well together. Certain degree of indifference. Being six years apart from each other, this combination may not be recommended. The Ox may be too strict and rigid for the delicate and affectionate Sheep. The Ox is hardworking and disciplined while the Sheep is laid-back and disorganized. Although both prefer staying home but the Sheep will need plenty of love and attention and find the Ox too serious with it’s own work and always stick to his/her daily routine. And the Ox may be too busy to fulfil the impractical demands of the indulgent Sheep.

Sheep and Tiger

No deep or lasting relations and workable only to a small degree. Actually Tiger and Sheep can have a wonderful time together if they make a huge adjustments for this. The Sheep is a domestic soul who need lots of attention and support while the Tiger is too temperamental and unconventional. The Sheep will be easily hurt by the Tiger’s sudden burst of fury and dramatic scenes. The genteel Sheep needs a quiet and comfortable home but the Tiger is all for a fast life andd cannot put up with the Sheep’s worrying and unhurried ways. Tiger is too strong for the Sheep’s liking and the Sheep is too weak for the Tiger’s effectively.

Sheep and Rabbit

Lucky that two of you found each other! The Rabbit is one of the best partner for the Sheep. They share many things in common, offering each other lots of passion and tenderness. This is one of the best unions for love and business ties. These two excellent home-makers are understanding and considerate with each other. Both are introverts who love luxury and comfort. The Rabbit is more practical of the two and he/she should take in charge of the finance while the Sheep is imaginative and can be the decorator of the house.

Sheep and Dragon

Can relate to aech other and work together to a certain extent. The Sheep could be fascinated by the Dragon’s powerful and dominant ways. On the other hand, the Dragon could be drawn to the Sheep’s kindness, sincerity and devotion. Although sometimes the Sheep has problem voicing out his/her frustration but the Sheep also hate confrontation and will try to avoid it. On the darker side, the peace-loving Sheep may be too timid to try out the Dragon’s high risk undertakings and the Dragon may find the Sheep too reserved and unadventurous to meet her/his scale. Sheep will depend on the Dragon for encouragement while the Dragon could push the Sheep beyond his/her level of endurance.

Sheep and Snake

Moderate or congenial ties. If both sides make serious efforts, this relationship can work out successfully. Both are materialistic and receptive to beauty and refinement, and all these aspects could seal their union. But however, the Sheep lacks the perseverance of the scheming Snake. The Snake, on the other hand, could be too distrusful and secretive for the sensitive nature of the Sheep. The unfaltering determination of the Snake can be a valuable asset for the Sheep to cling to.

Sheep and Horse

Strong attraction for each other. The combination of the Sheep and the Horse will be surprisingly compatible. Sheep is domesticated, family-lover and home-loving enuogh to provide a secure base for the restless Horse. The Horse, on the other hand is affable and happy enough to complement the Sheep’s depressed moods. Sheep may be jealous and possessive while Horse is very impulsive and loves independence. Fortunately, the Horse is not sensitive enough to take the self-pitying ways of the Sheep too seriously. The Sheep could curb the Horse’s freedom by providing him/her with enough variety and atractive options to stay and spice up his/her life. Both doesnt like to stick with daily routine and the insecure Sheep will absorb the positive energy from the Horse. The Horse is cheerful and humorous enough to liven up the Sheep’s mood.

Sheep and Sheep

Favourable ties in love and business. No rivalry and have areas of similar interests and common goals. In the marriage combination, the Sheep wife might turn out to be stronger of the two. Sheep care deeply for the welfare of their family. Both are peace-loving and easy-going, these two wont compete each other for leadership. They share the same passion for art and fine things in life. Both are good home-makers and they will be compassionate enough to put up each other’s weak points. However, the Sheep’s passive nature might prevent them from working toward a successful goal together.

Sheep and Monkey

No deep understanding or special need for each other. The Monkey is too egotistical and intricate for the Sheep. The Sheep is more subdued in taste and action while the Monkey’s craftiness and expertise will worry and upset the Sheep. The Monkey is too demanding for the unpractical Sheep. And the Sheep is too dependent, requiring the Monkey to provide constant reassurance and this might put some strain in the relationship. In order to save this relationship, the Monkey should learn how to comfort the insecure Sheep and the Sheep has to allow the active Monkey move about so that she/he wont feel trapped.

Sheep and Rooster

Moderate ties. Will tolerate aech other to a certain degree only. The rigid Rooster and sensitive Sheep are from two different worlds. They move at different speeds and have different perspectives on life. The Rooster is diligent and strict whereas the Rabbit is more relaxed. The Rooster will be all work but no play and the Rabbit will definitely dislike this lifestyle and become resentful. The Sheep will also get frustrated with the endless rules set up by the Rooster.

Sheep and Dog

Not compatible. Have few things in common and will have no strong attraction in their relation. The combination of the Dog and the Sheep is not recomended. The Sheep is very dependent andd demands all of the Dog's attention and dedication. Fortunately the Dog is very sympathetic and tolerant and will try her or his best to fulfill the Sheep’s wishes. However, Sheep will keep testing the limit of the Dog’s tolerance, and eventually bringing out the Dog’s negative traits. In the end, both the Dog and the Sheep will find each other irritating.

Sheep and Boar

Congratulation! The Pig-Sheep couple is one of the most happy combinations in Chinese astrology. They both are sensitive and sociable, they appreciate each other dearly and share much in common. Both seek harmony and a peaceful life, this couple can benefit a great deal from aech other’s talents and personality. They don’t argue much and has mutual understanding. When handling with problems, they usually sort out the problems in a calm and reasonable way. They will work very well together and rely on each other for support. Just a little reminder for the couple: Try to be more conservative with your spending and your lavish lifestyle.


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