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The 12 zodiac animals compatibility can be applied to the relationship between parents and their children, husband and wife, siblings, lovers, friends and business partners.

Rabbit and Rat

No major conflict or special attraction between these two. But due to their differences somehow their relationship may not work too well. The Rat likes chalenges and may find the Rabbit not taking his/her ideas seriously. The Rabbit prefers harmony and peace and may find the Rat to be interested in too much action. The Rat can be overcontrolling and will drag Rabbit everywhere and will often outwit the oversensitive Rabbit during arguments, causing resentment. And though two of them love their family, they just view life on different angles. Rat and Rabbit make great friends and they are not so hot when the two are in an intimate relationship.

Rabbit and Ox

No major conflict. Harmonious and peaceful relationship. Security is one of the things that Rabbit needs most and that will be provided by the Ox. The Rabbit will be gladly to let the Ox takes the lead and the Rabbit follows behind. They are highly compatible as both prefer spending their time at home. Neither one really like crowds and is happier staying with their family and friends. Both partners respect each other and the hardworking Ox will not take advantage of the Rabbit’s nature.

Rabbit and Tiger

This partnership can be difficult at times, but they two understand how to get along basically as both are protective toward their family. Tiger is a very adventurous while the Rabbit prefers the cozy stability of the home. Rabbit admires Tiger’s courage and outward looking but the Tiger tends to dislike Rabbit’s soft nature. The sweet and intelligent Rabbit is smart enough to let the brave Tiger take the lead so that the Rabbit can manipulate the Tiger to get things done. The Tiger will at times show his/her true colors by trying to dominate or even bully the sensitive Rabbit and this can create more problem. The Tiger is too temperamental for the peace-loving Rabbit. When the Tiger unleashes a tirade, the Rabbit will run and hide, making for very poor communication between them.

Rabbit and Rabbit

Mutual aid and no struggle for dominance. The Rabbit-Rabbit combination should work out just fine. These two similar signs will definitely prefer to lead a quiet and peaceful life. No breaks in communications, they will work together politely and avoid conflicts. They both share their passion and love for beautiful things. However they only can gratify each other to a point, as the Rabbits tend to perform what is essential and not much more. And this is because the Rabbits are basically not selfless and serving. They are both intuitive and gifted but may neglect to encourage each other.

Rabbit and Dragon

These two share few things in common and may have some personality clashes but they will manage to settle their differences. Dragon love to be in the spotlight while Rabbit prefers a quiet and peaceful life. The Dragon will be the domineering one and the Rabbit might find him/her overbearing at times. In order for this relationship to work well, the Rabbit has to show the Dragon how to achieve diplomacy and offer sound advise to the impulsive Dragon who undertakes many different projects but fails to finish any.

Rabbit and Snake

No deep attraction or strong bonds but will tolerate each other to achieve mutual aims. Both are looking for stability and security in a relationship and both share a love of music and art, and all the beautiful things in life. Both are practical in nature, so they can work successfully together toward their mutual goals. However, both of them are also selfish and calculating sometimes. When it comes to compromise and sacrifice, these two will be expecting the other party to do the deed for them. Although it is not the best match for each other, with some good efforts this relationship might still stand a chance. Workable relationship.

Rabbit and Horse

Animosity and strong conflicts, they have nothing much in common and cannot relate one another. When they first meet, there might be fireworks but soon as the sparks fade, problems will surface. The Horse enjoys action and adventure but the Rabbit seeks tranquility and security. The Horse loves outdoor activities but the Rabbit prefers to sit back and relax in their cozy and comfortable home. On most Sundays, these two might be arguing to stay in or go out. The quick temper of the Horse also might become too much for the oversensitive Rabbit. The bold and energetic Horse will find the Rabbit too passive and uninteresting.

Rabbit and Sheep

One of the best matches, a successful and prosperous union. Mutual love and understanding, both the Rabbit and the Sheep are searching for a peaceful and harmonious life. They have many things in common and will work perfectly as a couple. Both understanding and considerate with each other. The Rabbit is more practical of the two and is more suitable to takecharge of the finances while the imaginative Sheep can be the decorator of the house. The affectionate Rabbit is a good listener and the Sheep needs advice and sympathy more than action. Generally speaking, this partnership definitely will be mutually beneficial and they will love and trust each other dearly.

Rabbit and Monkey

These two dont have much in common and will only tolerate to a certain extend. There is petty differences and rivalry. The Monkey wil find the Rabbit boring and dull while the Rabbit will has difficulty in trusting the complicated and cunning Monkey. The Rabbit might not be able to stomach the constant chatting of the Monkey and may become oversensitive. Although this relatonship might work, it will be somewhat distant and tolerant. To improve the relationship, the Monkey need to understand and tone down his/her wisecracks.

Rabbit and Rooster

Being six years apart from each other, the Rabbit and the Rooster are clashed. Bitter conflicts and dissent, these two are highly incompatible. Rooster is a show-off at heart and Rabbit sometimes cannot stand the Rooster’s cocky attitude. The oversensitive Rabbit is a person with diplomacy and the stubborn Rooster is tactless. The Rabbit might be turned off by the Rooster’s constant criticism. Rabbit is a dreamer and enjoys good things in life while Rooster is a perfectionist and atitude to life is concerned with the practical. The result is that the Rooster’s never-ending nagging drives the Rabbit into hiding.

Rabbit and Dog

Very compatible and rewarding union. The combination of the Dog and the Rabbit will work out great. Deep trust and understanding for one another. Both will feel comfortable to share their feelings and thoughts with each other and have a basic understending about their weaknesses and strengths. The Dog depends on the intelligent Rabbit to set their goals while the Rabbit will admire the Dog’s sincerity and loyality. The Dog is a humanitarian and the Rabbit is a peace-maker. The Dog will be affectionate and loyal to the Rabbit even when the Rabbit is moody and indifferent. The Dog admires the Rabbit's suave and diplomatic ways and the Rabbit can rely the Dog's support and logical assessment of situations. The Rabbit is considerate and sensitive enough to know what is bothering the Dog. This duo will find prosperity and happiness.

Rabbit and Boar

One of the best partner for the Rabbit. The combination of Pig and the Rabbit are wonderful. They are extremely compatible, both can understand each other. The compassionate Rabbit will eager to understand the weaknesses and strengths of the Pig, while the obedient Pig will rely on the intelligent Rabbit for decisions and advices. This couple knows how to tolerate each other’s likes and dislikes and how to appreciate the contribution of each other. The sociable Pig will be the spokesperson most of the time and the gentle Rabbit will be the organizer for the couple.


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