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The 12 zodiac signs compatibility can also be applied to the relationship between parents and their children, siblings, husband and wife, friends, lovers and business partners.

Rooster and Rat

Rat and Rooster are quite similar in personality but they flow in different style or way. Both are active schemers and aggressive doers. Both are tough, independent, hardworking and impressively clever. They like to think, plan and also the one who execute their own plans. Rooster is more thorough in everything he/she does and aims more for long-term benefits while the Rat is more impulsive and pessimistic but has a sharp eye to grab any coming opportunities very quickly. The problem is that both of them are materialistic and power-hungry and love being in the spotlight and they tend to compete each other for that. Both have their own strength but in this relationship those strengths will go unappreciated as the self-doubting Rat might find the cocky Rooster being too arrogant and proud and may get irritated and stressed out.

Rooster and Ox

Great combination, this will be a solid and highly successful team. Ox is one of the best partner for the Rooster. The Ox is serious, to-the-point and reliable person while the Rooster is straightforward, open and frank so they will have no difficulties in communicating with each other. Ox is patient, calm and reserved while the Rooster is energetic, expressive and demonstrative, these will help preventing them from getting misunderstood. Both are sensible, practical, methodical, persevering and protective towards their loved ones. Ox is the backbone and Rooster can use his/her resourcefulness to keep things moving. The Ox will fully support whatever brilliant ideas that Rooster has. They will find each other responsible and dedicated.

Rooster and Tiger

A turbulent and spicy combination. Moderate to cool relations at very best. Both are active and progressive souls but these two have wide differences in their personalities. The Rooster is too eccentric and egotistic for the colorful Tiger. And the Tiger is too much of a fighter ever tto concede defeat in the face of the Rooster’s fastidious criticisms. There will be communication gaps and mutual reservations. Under different circumstances, the Tiger and the Rooster may be diligent and energetic, but in this combination these two may be petty and stubborn.

Rooster and Rabbit

Highly incompatible. Being six years apart from each other, Rooster and the Rabbit are clashed. Their personalities may clash very strong because both of them are vexed by each other’s negative traits. The Rooster is exacting, outspoken and overzealous in his/her cutting criticism. The Rabbit is a reticent intellectual who may be unwilling to work hard and a bit self-indulgent. When the industrious, productive and ruthlessly efficient Rooster gets through with the Rabbit, Rabbit may feel like a victim of the Inquisition. This makes the Rabbit to be uncommunicative and defiant.

Rooster and Dragon

An excellent and productive union. The analytical and brainy Rooster will admire the Dragon's bold and bright personality. The Dragon, on the other hand, will soon recognize the inherent worth and intellectual prowess of the Rooster. Dragon is purposeful and not easily frightened or conquered by the Rooster’s bossy aggressiveness. The Dragon will be able to dismiss the Rooster’s loquaciousness with a shrug, as the Dragon will have his/her own peculiarities that Rooster will have to bear. Rooster finds the Dragon’s enthusiasm and energy boundless and exhilarating. The Dragon will not resent Rooster’s running her/his affairs provided the Rooster looks upon the Dragon as an equal and respect the Dragon’s opinions.

Rooster and Snake

One of the most powerful team. This is yet another love connection recommended by the Chinese. A prosperous union for both. The Rooster and the Snake admire and understand each other for their ability and talents. They are both ambitious, and they are both workaholics and focused. In this relationship, the Snake will be the schemer who plans carefully. The intrepid and exuberant Rooster will be the executor who carries out the scheme. Intelligent and capable, this duo is bound to succeed when they put their heads together.

Rooster and Horse

Personality differences and barriers to overcome before these two can work together successfully. Horse and Rooster have a lot of passion and sex appeal between them. And that can turn into a strong foundation which leads to a happy life together. Both are also optimistic, confident, bold, energetic and lively. On the other side, these two strong-minded individuals are also easily irritated by each other. Rooster is a perfectionist while Horse is not so detailed. Rooster can be undiplomatic and provocative by the Horse’s lack of steadiness and high living. But Horse is thick skinned enough not to take this seriously and walk away.

Rooster and Sheep

Will tolerate each other’s company only to moderate degree. The Sheep and the Rooster will both try very hard in order to make this relationship work out. There will be communication gaps and mutual reservations and tantrums are not something new to this couple. To heal this relationship, the Rooster will need to become more flexible and not to be too rigid and strict on the Sheep so that the Sheep’s creativity can begin to shine.

Rooster and Monkey

Cool or formal ties. Could cooperate if they have mutual interests at stake. These two tend to rub each other up the wrong way. The Rooster might be easily offended by the Monkey’s remarks and comments but the Monkey also cannot stand by the Rooster’s constant desire to argue and debate. Although two of them do not do it intentionally but that can lead to misunderstandings and quarrel. To pevent this relationship from getting worse, they need to admit to some of their inherent shortccomings and meet the other halfway.

Rooster and Rooster

When you put two Roosters together, what you get is a cockfight. Therefore it is no suprise that Roosters will fight most of the time. They are proud, critical and arrogant. Two Roosters will share the same negative and positive traits and are less tolerant witth the other in the relationship. These two Roosters can probably argue about anything, anytime and anywhere. Their endless arguments will make those around them miserable. The Roosters tend to see only others’ faults but are blind to their own.

Rooster and Dog

The Dog and the Rooster dont always see eye to eye. Usually the Dog will think that the Rooster is too argumentative, unkind and bossy, and the Rooster simply cannot stand the Dog’s high moral standards. Since Rooster is very aggressive and will expect the tolerant Dog to support his/her every decision, this will not be a balanced relationship. The Dog will try to be supportive and understand but eventually the Dog’s patience will run out and they will end up apart.

Rooster and Boar

The Pig and the Rooster can work well together as a team or couple although there might seem to be no deep understanding between each other’s personality. The Pig doesnt mind the controlling nature of the Rooster and the Rooster will value the Pig’s generosity and support. There might be some trouble whenn conflict arrives, due to the Pig’s and Rooster’s different approaches to problem solving. Nevetheless, the Pig is very sympathetic and patient, and will put up with the Rooster’s criticism and eventualy calm her or him down.


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