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Pig and Rat

Moderately happy or at least peaceful relations. Both the Pig and the Rat is outgoing, energetic, affectionate and sociable, and they will adore each other. They try to enjoy life as much as they can and share the same passion for good food and vacation. The thrifty Rat should take control of the finance because the Pig is more generous and has a great appetite for shopping. Rat helps to curb Pig’s extravagance and the obedient Pig accepts this in positive way. The Pig may have need of the Rat’s counsel.

Pig and Ox

Acceptable, no strong conflicts but no permanent bonds. Their different outlook and behavioural patterns will engender underlying friction. The disciplined and diligent Ox will most probably be the one who takes control in the relationship. The Pig is understanding, generous and warm but the Ox may only notice the Pig's sensuality and love of extravagance and find her/him too immoderate for his/her needs. Ox is reliable and will complement the Pig’s kind nature. Pig admires Ox’s ability to create a cozy and peaceful home for both of them. Ox enjoy’s Pig sensuality and these two love to spend their time cuddling together whenever possible.

Pig and Tiger

The Pig and the Tiger make a cute pair as they protect and defend each other. They will have a life full of passion and laughter. The Pig finds the Tiger awesome and Tiger feels comfortable and relaxed in the presence of the Pig. They are both strong, social, generous and honest. The Pig understands that Tiger needs some independent while the Tiger also understand that Pig need to socialize and entertain people. They have the ability to overlook ther problems and enjoy life in spite of them. Pig is considerate and easy going and Tiger is likely to respond positively to Pig’s generosity.

Pig and Rabbit

Highly compatible, they will be happy together. These two has some personalities that are opposite but complete each other very well. Pig likes in the middle of the crowd and loves attention while Rabbit is shy and loves working behind the scenes. Pig is assertive and loud, Rabbit is calm and controlled. Rabbit can be quite timid most of the time whereas the Pig is courageous, strong and tough. The Rabbit is intelligent and keen to understand the Pig’s strength and weaknesses and the Pig likes to rely on the Rabbit for decisions and advices. They love beautifl things in life and their home will reflect this. Both signs are capable of great forgiveness. Rabbit is compassionate and perceptive and Pig is amiable and generous.

Pig and Dragon

Workable and tolerant relations. Can and will cooperate for mutual benefits. Both are forceful and ardent, but in different ways. The Pig will support and encourage the powerful Dragon. They both are evenly matched in energy and love of physical exertion. Dragon is impulsive while the Pig is patient and enduring. Dragon is a fighter and Pig will be happy enough to be the peacemaker. Pig will let the Dragon to have the limelight as long as Dragon can make Pig feel needed. Both enjoy social outing and share a certain understanding and confidence in the relationship. One of their mutual flaws is that two of them are too responsive to stimuli and could be carried away easily by enthusiasm and excesses. Therre may be no one to apply the brakes.

Pig and Snake

Being six years apart from each other, the Snake and the Pig happen to be clashed. They are therefore highly incompatible and this pair is not recommended. The Pig can never please the Snake because Pig thinks the Snake is too complex and secretive. The aesthetic Snake does not like the Pig’s sincere but mundane and simple ways. The Snake is too highly evolved, profound and ambitious for the trsuting and over-indulgent Pig. Snake also does not like the open and easy going manners of the Pig and will be unsympathetic and aloof to him/her. The Pig, on the other side, really hate the Snake’s uncommunicative and coldly calculating attitude. Both will suffer in the relationship.

Pig and Horse

Compatible only to moderate extent. The Horse and the Pig are a passionate couple. Both are strong, frank, sociable and party animals. Pig is loving and kind while Horse is selfish. If things get boring, Horse will start looking for something new and that makes things hard for Pig. Horse may see the sometimes overly clinging Pig as restrictive and the cooperation or togetherness the Pig craves may make the Horse feels trapped. If they focus on each other’s negative qualities, then they wont last long. The Horse with its boundless energy enjoys being in the limelight and the Pig is very patient and doesnt mind working in the background. Horse has to understand that the dependable Pig cannot be taken for granted or he/she will feel hurt.

Pig and Sheep

Great combination, one of the best match. The Sheep is one of the best partner the Pig can find. Both of them have a deep love and will give their best to the union. The Pig is gallant, sturdy and thoughtful enough to please the compassionate and gentle Sheep. Pig is sincere, sensual and simple and will interpret the Sheep’s possessiveness as true love and devotion. The Pig is also protective, generous and demonstrative and when the sensitive Sheep knows she/he is appreciated and loved, Pig will do her best to perform in this union.

Pig and Monkey

These two are very energetic personalities who share a lot of enthusiasm. A fairly civil union, but two of them may not be too fascinated by the real personality of each other. The Monkey is too complicated for the scrupulous and straightforward Pig. Monkey has more pungent tastes while the Pig will definitely be too bland. The pretentiousness and intricacy of the Monkey may prove too much for the Pig. These two are bound to be bruised and irritated by the incapacities of the other. in order to protect this relationship, both should concentrate more to each other’s positive qualities.

Pig and Rooster

Moderately favourable relationship in love and business. Cannot communicate well and will cooperate when necessary. There will areas of disagreement but both of them have the capacity to work out differences if the Pig and Rooster admire each other enough. The Pig is too passionate and warm to be paired with the analytical and mentally inclined Rooster, while Rooster is too knowledgeable and argumentative to follow or love her/him blindly. But when looking on the bright side, neither is too thin-skinned, criticism will slide off their backs just like water. Pig is accomodating and honest and has a true need for Rooster’s diligent and critical mind while Rooster is self-confident and capable, Rooster will have every need for the reliability and diplomacy of the affable Pig.

Pig and Dog

Agreeable ties in love and partnership. Both signs are caring, protective and love to be affectionate with each other. No underlying clashes or struggles for dominance. Mutual respect for one another. There is a lot of physical chemistry between these two. Among the two, the Dog is the moody one and the Pig will find a way to cheer Dog up. When the pessimistic Dog feels nervous and anxious the optimistic Pig will be there to help Dog solve the mystery. Pig is cheerful, fun and full of energy and the cooperative and loyal Dog will support the Pig. Neither have strong character and therefore can easily tolerate each other’s shortcomings.

Pig and Boar

A combination that could work out well as long as both of them can take the good with the bad. Since these two born under the same sign, both will be courageous, strong and modest but they may lack tenacity and direction and may not be able to strengthen aech other’s weak points. Goodwill and sincerity without resolute and systematic organization cuold wreak havoc for two such well-meaning people. To prevent that, one of them have to be unemotional and disciplined enough to face adversity and reality, otherwise the mutual love and loyalty they have will not be much protection for both of them.


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